10 Hidden Interesting and Fun Facts Related to Photography

Photography is an art that is acquired through practicing capturing the glimpse of memories. Any photographers’ first picture would be their memory. The basic concept of photography has been around since about the 5th century B.C.E. It wasn’t until an Iraqi scientist developed something called the camera obscura in the 11th century that the art was born. Before Photography came into existence the artists spend hours painting glimpses of memories. In the year 1830, the first camera was developed by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. He carried along a portable camera obscura to expose a pewter plate coated with bitumen to light. There are much more fun and interesting facts awaiting in this blog. Read them to know more about photography.

Niépce’s success led to a number of other experiments and photography progressed very rapidly. Daguerreotypes, emulsion plates, and wet plates were developed almost simultaneously in the mid-to-late-1800s. With each type of emulsion, photographers experimented with different chemicals and techniques. The following are the three that were instrumental in the development of modern photography.


Doesn’t all of it sound interesting? We all know photography has a great amount of impact on our life. There are certain unknown facts that are photographs and photography which you may have not known.

Here are all the fun and interesting facts you haven’t know before.

1. The 900-Pound Camera That Only Took One Photo

This insane camera was part of a publicity stunt in 1900 by the Chicago & Alton Railway to photograph the Alton Limited locomotive. The 900 lbs. camera traveled six miles by rail car, then was carried a quarter-mile into a field by 15 men. Photographer George Lawrence (famous for his post-1906 earthquake photo of San Francisco) then took the only exposure the camera ever made on an insane 8 x 4.5 ft. glass negative (the same as the track gauge). It might seem like a crazy stunt, but it was actually considered a successful PR move, even though it cost $5,000 (about $161,000 today). Three prints were sent to the 1900 Paris Exposition, where they won the grand prize for photographic excellence. 

2. Posing and Photographing Dead People

Yep, it was a thing — and a popular thing at that. Victorian life was not easy in a lot of ways, and death was a common thing — often well before old age. Though it might seem strange or unsettling today, posing the dead with their living family was a common way to create a memory of them. Photographers frequently tried to make the dead look alive through posing or tricks like propping up their bodies in lifelike positions. Though it has fallen out of popularity, the practice still continues in small amounts across the world.

3. The $4.3 Million Photograph

The most expensive (confirmed) price ever paid for a photograph was a whopping $4,338,500 (about $6.84 million today) paid for “Rhein II,” an image by Andreas Gursky, in 1999. Gursky digitally removed pedestrians and a factory from the photo, then made a 73 by 143-inch print and mounted it on acrylic glass before framing it. It shows the Lower Rhine flowing across the image, with green fields and a gray sky on either side and was the second in a series of six. 

4. There Are 12 Hasselblad Cameras Sitting on the Moon

In spaceflight, every last ounce matters, both for the expense of getting it up there and for the precision math of navigating the craft through space and back to Earth. When astronauts went to the moon, they took lots of Hasselblad cameras with them, which took some of the most iconic photos we know today. When they brought back moon rocks for scientific study, they had to jettison some extra weight, and so, the cameras stayed behind. They brought back the film, of course, however. Surely, if someone somehow brought them back to Earth, they would be some of the most prized cameras on the planet.

5. The First Handheld Digital Camera Was Invented Way Back in 1975

It is hard to believe, but the first handheld digital camera was actually invented almost half a century ago. Kodak engineer Steve Sasson invented the device, which weighed 8 pounds (3.6 kg) and took images at a 100 by 100-pixel resolution. The resulting black and white photo was recorded on a cassette tape (a process which itself took 23 seconds) and could then be displayed on a television. Unbelievably, Kodak then did nothing with the project, afraid that such a camera would cut into their film sales (imagine what a different world this would be had Kodak taken digital seriously back then). Sasson was honored with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President Obama in 2009 and has also received honors from the Royal Photographic Society and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. 

6. The $2 Million Lens

Widely believed to be the most expensive consumer lens ever produced, the Leica (of course) APO-Telyt-R 1,600mm f/5.6 lens only saw one copy ever made. Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar, widely believed to have been the world’s largest art collector, commissioned the behemoth lens from Leica in 2006. He also had a custom Mercedes made to transport the 132-pound device. In fairness, Leica or not, a 1,600mm f/5.6 lens, particularly a one-off version, should probably command a stratospheric price. Sadly, there are no known publicly available images taken with the lens. 

7. The Egg With 54 Million Likes

The most liked image on Instagram is not some celebrity selfie or influencer post. It’s an egg. Yup. Just an egg. With over 54.5 million likes and still climbing, the photo was taken by Serghei Platonov in 2015. Advertising creative Chris Godfrey posted it to Instagram with the specific intent of getting the highest number of likes of any post on the platform, and he was wildly successful, beating the next closest post by over 30 million.

8. The Man With 4,425 Cameras

Think you have bad Gear Acquisition Syndrome? Say hello to Dilish Parekh, a jewel and government worker from Mumbai. Parekh holds the Guinness world record for the largest camera collection, currently at 4,425. Parekh inherited them from his father and continues to grow it with hopes that he can one day create a museum of cameras from his collection, which includes rare original Leicas, Rolleiflex TLRs, a Canon 7 with the famous f/0.95 “dream lens” and much more. 

9. The First Photo of a Person Was an Accident

In 1839, Louis Daguerre (yes, that Daguerre) took an image of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris. Because of the long exposure times of early processes, capturing humans was generally not possible or at least not practical. However, by luck, a man getting his shoes shined and the shoe-shine happened to stay in the same spot throughout the exposure, and as such, they became the first humans ever to appear in an image. 

10. Kodak Doesn’t Actually Mean Anything

It is easily the most iconic brand in photography, and yet, its name doesn’t actually mean anything. Whereas most photographic companies have names that are derived from some sort of background story or inspiration, George Eastman wanted a name that was impossible to pronounce incorrectly, distinctive, and short and punchy. The letter “K” was his favorite, thus its incorporation in the name. 


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Unknown Facts About Photography Which Will Surely Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what was a photograph like 100 years ago? 

Today, photography is one of the most powerful medium of art. However, people have been using it for a range of uses including industrial production, finance sector, schooling, technology, mass media, leisure and recreation. The photographic science has its own distinctive history. Below is a compilation of 10 Unknown Facts About Photography we bet you didn’t have any idea about. So, get ready to witness some of the mind-boggling and fascinating facts of photography.

Some observational evidence would rock your world if you say yes! Photography has been around for a long time and the field of photography has expanded extremely quick. It takes literally seconds to complete what had once been an arduous process, with heavy and complicated equipment to handle. You can only take your computer, open an interface, click and photograph a virtual icon.

The remarkable evolution in the art form has brought a rich past and an thrilling current to photography. That’s why we celebrate the craft of photography by showcasing a few interesting things you’ve never learned about photography.

Find, concentrate and press. These three key measures are nowadays to click on a video – more frequently than not with a smartphone. Now it is always easy to click on an icon like “cheese,” but what is fun today for kids was a challenging challenge only for experts a couple of decades ago. Although every area and medium of art, photography has progressed from a lovely hobby to the popular trend today through its share of innovations, peaks and lows. We figured it was appropriate that we took you along a few days after celebrations of World Photography Day, a few lesser established details regarding the craft of producing cheese almost daily around the world by several of us. However, we have decided to let you know about 10 unknown facts about photography which can change your perspective in the field.

1. The First Preserved Frame is Almost 200 Years Old

Let’s talk about one of the unknown facts about photography. Most citizens still may not realize the video and image technology has been going for so long, but it did! It took almost 200 years to take this image, but it also took only 8 hours. Moreover, the picture below was taken by Joseph Niepce in France and is classified as “View From the Bed.”

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

A projected image hit a sensitized board in order to take this photo from the window, which was then placed on the painting paper. Much work to create a simple photo, but quite a remarkable piece of history! Indeed remarkable!

2. The most valuable photo in the world earned 4.3 million dollars

Talking about the most costly camera in the world, let ‘s talk about the most expensive photograph in the world. The photograph, which Andreas Gursky caught in 1999, is “Rhein II.”

This photograph sold at an auction in 2011 of $4,338,500 for a whopping sum, 12 years after it was taken. Although other images are believed to have been sold further, there is no evidence or confirmation of these transactions. Therefore “Rhein II” had been declared as the expensive photograph ever sold with enough proof to establish the fact.

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

3. We Click The Number Of Pictures Every Two Minutes Than All Mankind Did in the 1800’s As a Whole

Some of you will be shocked to learn that we click the number of pictures every two minutes than all mankind did in the 1800’s. We human beings capture more images every 2 minutes than we have ever done in history. Isn’t it amazing? Experts estimate that only a few million images have been taken before the first commercial camera. Kodak released a survey in 1999 stating that we collectively take about 80 billion pictures everyday.

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

Schätzungen heute sagen, that on Facebook alone and 255 billion in WhatsApp and 22 billion in Instagram, we share some 730 billion images a year. We have indeed come a long way!

4. Stock Image is The Most Viewed Image In The History

You might think of other lovely pictures while talking about the most used photographs in history, but you may be shocked to discover that the record belongs to the default Microsoft XP wallpaper.

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

The “bliss” shot was taken in 1996 in the shape of a stunning grassy hill with a brilliant blue sky by photographer Charles O’Rear. In reality, Microsoft purchased this image from a photo storage site known as Corbis and, given its reputation, Charles O’Rear didn’t get all the money for it.

5. The Camera That Took The First images of the Moon’s surface still exists

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

12 Hasselblad images were captured before a first man’s mission on the moon and used to catch the first photos of our lunar sheet. Those pictures are a major feature in spatial exploration while we have progressed since in technology and have much improving pictures and videos of our moon.

However, these devices were left to conserve weight on the ride home. The added weight was that lunar rock tests would be taken out, and by now cameras are only here.

6. Kevin Carter Committed Suicide After Capturing The Saddest Picture

The photo is considered as the saddest picture ever, where a vulture can be seen stalking a malnutritioned child in Africa. However, It reveals the harsh reality of hunger and famine problems in Africa, a image that rapidly rose in prominence.

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

Photograph was taken from Johannesburg, South Africa by photographer Kevin Carter. While he received the Pulitzer Photo Prize, at the age of 33 he became profoundly depressed by all the tragic truth he caught in his frame.

7. People Tend To Get Tired Of Holding Smile Earlier

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

The absence of smile in photos from the 19th century is another popular theory, which is that people in the shot couldn’t hold a grin long enough because it took too long to take a image back then. In general, however, smiling can be innate and smiling before a camera isn’t instinctual. While some people may believe that people in old photographs don’t smile, that isn’t necessarily the case. Old images of giant cameras were made, which will still require hours to accurately view.

And therefore subjects always needed to run for quite a time. Try to keep a smile for hours and see why it wasn’t popular to smile at the time.

8. The Most Famous Photo On Instagram is Not an Powerful Selfie

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

Here now comes one of the most shocking and unknown facts of photography which is that of an egg. That is an egg. It is an embryo. Yes you heard it absolutely right. Just an egg with 54 Million likes. Can you believe this? Serghei Platanov took the photo in 2015 of over 54.5 million lovers and still rising. Chris Godfrey, a innovative media maker, has posted this to Instagram in particular to reach the largest amount of posts on the website, and he has been really good, hit by more than 30 millions to the next nearest message.

9. The First Colored Photo Was Clicked In 1861

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

Thomas Sutton proposed the development of the first color picture of the world in 1861. However, the effect is the layering of three distinct red , green and blue filter images. They were then projected in the corresponding filters onto a photosensitive board.Sutton was an artist and a brilliant painter. He also created the first SLR camera at the same time as the color image. Thomas Sutton was also the first person to create the first panoramic camera in 1859 with a wide-angle lens. Moreover, he owes the world of art a great deal.

10. The First Ever Photo Was Clicked Accidentally

Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

In 1828 the first portrait taken by Louis Daguerre was that of a human being. He decided to take a snapshot of the Paris Boulevard du Temple. However, the guy in his picture stood on the street and cleaned his feet. The man was also caught since the exposure lasted seven minutes.


Unknown Facts About Photography
Image Source

Somehow in this engaging era of technology and science we often try to seek things which can make us more knowledgeable. However, in this blog we have tried to reach you with the best possible information about photography which we bet you will love to get through. Therefore, above-mentioned are some of the interesting and unknown facts about photography that will definitely make you gaga over knowing more of it.

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