10 Wedding Shots Every Photographer Should Take

Make your wedding book picture-perfect

Is it for the first time you are going to cover a big fat wedding and confused about the shots? Don’t panic! We are getting you covered. The days of cliches and regular wedding shots are gone where the photographer would stick to the basic and standard photographic poses. Moreover, now a days couples tend to seek for more authentic and candid pictures that convey the big day ‘s tale to the greatest possible level. It is important for the couple to spend every time with their loved ones. Therefore, being a wedding photographer, you need to be careful enough not to skip these 10 wedding shots, which will help you to dig out the real artist in you.

As marriage photography innovation and aesthetic have started to change, people have become highly anticipated to capture the important day of their lives. Therefore, we want to draw your attention to this blog which talks about a photographer’s 10 Wedding Shots during a wedding.

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1. Capture the minute details

Each aspect of a wedding, from cards to wedding rings, is incredibly important. Such little things during a wedding include a perceptible appeal. An gallery full of people alone does not lend an exquisite charm to a wedding picture, and even wedding imagery has modified patterns.

Capture the bridal ornaments, outfits, wedding wear and accessories of the groom, bridal bouquets, jaimalas and other similar objects which are essential during a standard wedding.

2. Catch the bride getting ready

10 Wedding Shots

Casual and practical pictures are a must-see for the bride and groom. Try to take the bride’s funny snapshots with her bridesmaids as the groom and his gang crack or have fun together. However it is important to invite the photographer to film the glam moments in the bridal room, as much as any girl needs her perfect hairdo. Don’t neglect to have your partner’s moments that are waiting for you until your big day!

Let the photographer move between the grooms and the bridesmaid so that the men and women would be able to catch the moment of getting dressed.

3.  Twirling bride

10 Wedding Shots

It’s cool to see a bride stroll when she’s getting ready. Twirling is the best way for her wedding dress to appear flawless and she would of course be very happy to do so. In reality, right before the marriage ceremonies begin, this type of wedding shots are most favorites for brides. This may appear to be a cliche wedding pose of the bridal but every bride enjoys a nice twist. This shows not only love in the heart of the bride, but you will also display the bridal dress in all its glory. So, why not capturing her fun moment when she appears to twirl her wedding outfit out of excitement?

4. The one with the parents and siblings

The bride and the groom enjoying the day with their parents and siblings is also an inevitable shot that you can click on. These are rare occasions for a wife or a wife and near to the heart. Catch such important moments without offering the whole wedding tale an intense brush.

A picture with your parents and siblings on the day of your wedding will surely take you back to those childhood days where you would always got the back of their hands whenever you tend to fall apart. These shots during your wedding will surely make you nostalgic and emotional whenever you would want to visit your childhood.

5. Capture the wedding venue

It’s the best moment for the photographers to take pictures, whether your wedding venue is in the open area, in a church or just on the sand, until the wedding comes to light.

We all know that Indians invest excessively on decorating the marriage venue. The preferences of the millennial are the party wedding venues. And ensure you get the perfect pictures of the site. Pictures of the mandap or the reception area with and without crowd are equally preferred. if you are looking to capture the amazing shots, this is one of the 10 wedding shots which can perfectly fit with your customer’s satisfaction.

6. The Dhamakedar Entry

One of the most stunning sights of a wedding is a bride heading down the aisle or a bride being carried to the mandap under a chaadar or in the palanquin as it used to be. Also, a baarat or the wedding entrance has a style of its own.

Every girl dreams of her day, her wedding dress, her husband. Yet in the union there is one more significant thing, and it’s their Bridal entry, for a modern age wife. Just like all the visitors, the relatives, particularly the bride, everyone is waiting for a look at the lovely bride and holding their breath. So why not come like a queen and make your bridal entry unforgettable.

7. Capture The Exchange of Jaimalas

So the main aspect of a marriage has been to tie the knot to eliminate the rebel gangs. It’s time to have the bride and bride ‘s latest blunt shots and intimate looks.

The ceremony of Jaimala marks the beginning of a happy union. The bride’s and bride’s sharing of auspicious jaimala corns in the presence of their loved ones is such a soulful moment and the first step towards peace ever after. It must therefore be at the top of the checklist of your photographer!

8. The Kanyadaan Moment

10 Wedding Shots

Kanyadaan is a century-old tradition, celebrated as one of the sentimental moments in an Indian marriage, where a father sacrifices greatly in giving his beloved daughter to her spouse. It is of utmost value for the pair and the families of the bride, and should therefore be accurately recorded by the photographer’s lens. However, this shot is surely one of the finest click from 10 wedding shots a photographer can click.

Each marriage is filled with feelings as the father offers his beloved daughter a last sacrifice for a lifetime, in the possession of an other man. Rituals arrives filled with a strong downpour of tears in an intense burst. It’s important to consider how a father feels about his daughter to consider why Kanyadaan has such a strong emotion.

9. The Soul-stirring Pheras

10 Wedding Shots

This is another imperative moment for a bride and a bride to sanctify their union and symbolize an eternal promise of fellowship. However, during this ceremony would take seven rounds (7 times as seven vows are made), the bride and the groom go around the holy altar, while the priest sing the mantras. Each pledge has theological meaning behind it, so see this blog to see what it entails.

In the meantime, here are some gorgeous images of pairs taking saat-pheras which may make you want to have incredible pictures.

10. The calming ‘Just Married’ moment

10 Wedding Shots

When the bride and the groom are done with all the wedding rituals and whatever they can to get married, their joy knows no limits. After they have been married. It’s a completely ecstasy moment, which clearly reflects on their hands. Therefore, catch the pleasant and enjoyable pictures of ‘Just Married’ people, who seemed to be on cloud nine. Then add it to the checklist until you swoon over it!

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