The Pre Wedding Shoot Checklist You Should Head Right Now!

The Ultimate Pre Wedding Shoot Checklist You Need

Yes you heard it absolutely right. Probably one must get stunned by knowing that it is beneficial to make a pre-wedding checklist as well apart from creating wedding checklist. While there could be a couple of relevant items on your wedding preparation checklist chart, you know your pre-marriage shoot needs to be prepared well as well. After all, you might not like your romantic film to be spoiled by any issues at the last minute. Aren’t it needful to organize the pre wedding shoot checklist from the pre-wedding venue to the selection of dresses and the hiring makeup artist and photographers? However, the answer is an absolute YES!

However, no need to scratch your head out of confusion. Let’s sneak peek into the pre-wedding shoot checklist we have prepared for you:

1. Select the pre wedding shoot location

The Pre Wedding Shoot

That is what you need to remember most when you schedule your pre-marriage test. Discuss about your BUDGET as well. And the money you can pay at your pre-wedding destination is mostly dependent on the cost. Whilst some of you may want to arrange a wedding shooting location, others may do so locally.

After the venue has been decided or shortlisted, check if the locations are accessible for free of charge. However, it is also necessary to take into account the reservations needed for travel arrangements to enter the destination and to book a perfect space for the pre wedding shoot.

And if you want to get your pre wedding photo-shoot in Kolkata, take inspiration from Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destinations In Kolkata

2. Go for a professional photographer

The Pre Wedding Shoot

Seeking a professional photographer tend to be another significant thing on the pre wedding shoot checklist. Do not neglect to pick the photographer carefully because your pre wedding album will be completely based on how professional the photographers are. To pick a photographer for your wedding on your special day is not a rocket science theory because you already have a list of ideas waiting on you. Therefore, all you need to consider is  how they  fit you better as any photographer wants to be the greatest in the business.

You can conveniently pick a wedding photographer by discovering and planning a budget. However, there are no limitations and no restrictions to how much or how little photography can be paid for, just note that quality often comes at a reasonable price. If you do not plan to invest a lot on wedding photographs, try hiring nearby or less established photographers for small features such as the pre wedding shoot.

To get amazing pre wedding shot you can consider

3. Hire a professional make-up artist

The Pre Wedding Shoot

Well, you definitely need a MUA to make a pre marriage outfit look fine. Moreover, make sure that at least 2 months before your scheduled pre-marriage shoot you book the making-up artist in order to stop last minute hassle. Often, do not neglect to do a beauty check or chat about what kind of looks you like, like hairstyle and makeup.

It is really essential to confirm the standard of the items they use for your makeup. Above all, you don’t want to change the balance on the face. It is especially relevant when you employ the Bridal Makeup Artist for more than one job. Specific tasks and incentives involve different forms of makeup. Make sure the Makeup Artist uses high-quality skin labels to avoid any breakouts.

4. Give a check on the pre wedding shoot outfit

The Pre Wedding Shoot

On of the most crucial truth is that the pre-wedding shoot checklist is absolutely incomplete without three or four sets of apparels for the bride and the groom. Ensure that you guys compliment each other and its style and ofcourse it should suit the venue. Schedule a visit to your pre wedding photographer to have a discussion about your pre-marriage session properly.

It may be a terrible decision to pick what to wear for your pre wedding shoot. However, if you hire your ideal photographer and pick the most beautiful venue, all goes as far as designing your look is concerned.

5. Confirm the timing of the pre wedding shoot

The Pre Wedding Shoot

The wedding package should be sufficiently structured in a way so that you can have enough time for the pre wedding shoot. However, the pre wedding shoot should not take place in a hurry. Pictures always come out to be amazing when you give it your best. Moreover, the time of the shoot should always meet the nature and circumstances. You may be prepared to get up early for the sunrise, or to see sunset late should you want to see your images taken in the golden hour.

The next crucial item will be the venue-whether local or abroad-after you have opted for the right photographer. Therefore, speak to the photographer and discuss the views for the shoot with them, and with their expertise, they can help you narrow down certain locations and recommend shooting times that optimize natural light at these sites.

6. Get your props ready beforehand

Create a selection of props to match the style of the pre wedding shoot before getting started with the shoot. Buy or reserve these items a few days early in order to prevent complications on the day of shot.

You certainly ought to purchase the adverts in advance if you are searching for a more trendy picture session. If you are a DIY- kind of person, get your props months in advance or make sure that other brides sell their props. You can even send them a few months of heads based on the nature of their shoot whether you are a skilled wedding photo-shoot stylist.

7. Plan your pre wedding shoot poses

Create those out-of-box photos for your BAE instead of what your photographer asking you to give those quirky or awkward sets. If you are a camera-friendly guy, it is good to practice these shots much before time with your partner and feel a little relaxed on the shooting day. However, it’s a smart idea to plan for looks that are less awkward or unpleasant with you and your partner. Moreover, this is incredibly beneficial especially when you are a camera-shy type of person.


Okay, if your wedding day is just few days to go it is very essential to plan the pre wedding shoot at the earliest. Rather than the excitement one goes through amidst the hypes of marriage cannot comprehend more than the bride and the groom! However, we know that this is a nice feeling, but because of that, you can overlook some of the key items required for a beautiful pre-wedding photo-shoot session.    

Even after preparing a ton for the pre-marriage shot, certain things are missed which may spoil this shoot. Therefore, you need to make a pre-wedding shoot checklist if you don’t want to be one of them.

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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destinations In Kolkata

Lets celebrate your love in the City of Joy

A healthy relationship enables desire to fall in love with the same person several times. Therefore, by planing a fun, nice pre-wedding session with your fiancee you can’t help but fall in love all over again.Rather than taking the regular pre-marriage shots at the forts or in the backdrop with the famous Taj Mahal, opt for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Kolkata.

Kolkata is renowned for its colonial architecture as India’s creative and cultural hub. From street shopping along various bazaars to a peaceful sunset on the banks of the Hooghly River, Kolkata provides an perfect pre-wedding shooting experience one can ever cherish for the lifetime. Also, if you want to catch your pre-wedding romanticism in the greatest and most dreamlike manner, you will be loving the fact that we’ve mentioned only for you some amazing pre-marriage destination in India. Take a look!

1. Princep Ghat

Princep Ghat is an architectural pleasure, one of the most searched after areas for pre-wedding screens in Kolkata, with its Ganges streaming alongside it. Picture a beautiful twilight shot with the Vidyasagar Setu in the background next to the Corinthian Pillars, isn’t it sounding gorgeous? Go for a romantic dwarf boat trip on the River Ganges that will make for an amazing pre-wedding photo with different moods.

This pictorial significance is intensified by the two kilometers of a magnificent river bank (of the Holy Ganges) A common place for lovebirds, particularly early in the morning and near to the crept, is a good enough idea for pre-wedding shoots.

2. Victoria Memorial

How can you forget Victoria Memorial during your stay in Kolkata? It shows the colonial architecture of British Columbia and is an unmistakable blend of European, Indian and Persian styles. The Victoria Memorial is a unique blend of European, Indian and Persian archeology, the most iconic heritage property in Kolkata. Consider this marvel of white marble along with the well kept garden of 64 acres and open space in Kolkata.

Moreover, it is well preserved with lovely gardens, which have earned their name over the years as a “couple’s hangout.” It is an perfect venue for a pre-marriage shoot with too many options to allow imaginative use of.

3. Maidan

Maidan is a popular spot for Kolkata couples from Hooghly in the west to Chowringhee and Park Street in the east. This is a perfect venue for a pair of beautiful photos of luxuriant greenery, trams and monuments.

The vastness of this place is why it is so favoured by couples and their photographers to take a pre-wedding shot at Kolkata. Maidan is an vast open area, too busy. Well, that is perhaps why every 35 mm World Studio photographer loves this place. Therefore, take a foggy winter morning shot or rainy monsoon day to capture the best of your stunning shots.

4. Eco park

Eco Park is the perfect location for a pre-marriage shooting in Kolkata from graffiti-covered walls to replicas of several of the seven wonders of the world. With a wide selection of backgrounds and lush greenery, brace you for some of your BAE’s most spectacular and vivid pop images.

Eco Park is very new, so it’s the perfect location for a pre-marriage project, compared with other locations in the area. It is situated in the area, and has a Rose Garden, Butterfly Gardens, Fruit Garden, Tea Garden and Eco Island as its main attractions. The gathering is made up almost entirely of pleasant and happy tourists. When you’re there, you could perhaps take all the time to shoot without worrying about the severe obstacles and disruptions.

Eco Park is another couple favorite these days when you think about this pre-wedding photoshoot. The place is a culmination of water bodies, lake, hiking trails, and boat trips, which is absolute delightful.

5. Kumartuli

Kumortuli is in Kolkata, one of India’s most romantic and enchanting pre-honeycomb destinations. Kolkata is so vivid and lively in itself that the images appear to be of their nature. This appears to be the fact that the happy expressions see the caught. Are not many poses? Are you just concerned about ‘normal clicks’ and ‘true candidates?’ Take the ride to Kolkata and live your wishes!

This iconic potter’s community is a location of idols and are raised before Durga Pujo. Surrounded by idols, this is one spot to visit during your wedding session in various stages of development. You plan to abandon yours as Goddess Durga is planning to visit her mother’s house.

6. Vedic Village Resort

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Since, Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is a global trend that not only produces lovely images, but offers any hospitality player tremendous opportunity. At the Vedic Village Spa Resort they transform fantastic topics in an exciting one-stop location in dramatic realities.

In pre-wedding photography Vedic Village beautifully exhibits four styles of the most significant patterns. Vedic Village is truly a stunner to any pair taking their pre-marriage photos with its stunning and breathtaking scenery, marvelous villas, wine drinking hours, garden ceremonies, fusion gourmet dinners and firefly evenings.

7. Hooghly Ghats

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

In the Hooghly Ghats, morning life is a special combination of vessels, bathers, religious presents and massages. For portraits, the morning light is only right. The smooth atmosphere in winter can give your photos an fragrance of mystery that makes them more unique.

Moreover, one of the boats can be taken to capture the Howrah Bridge. You should also look at certain parts of the Hooghly Ghat, completely empty, and less crowded to have a great Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

8. Bow Barracks

Bow Barracks is a British location for Anglo-Indian inhabitants. Moreover, its raw and red look is the odd background for your ideal pre-marriage picture, but if you look at it with a artistic eye, it will also construct a rustic atmosphere with a certain vitality. Therefore, the theme should switch around the old Bollywood style, combined with the colonial atmosphere.

9. Botanical Garden

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Botanical Garden in Shibpur in Kolkata has a beautiful green background of bamboos, palms and orchids. You would be able to experience an easterly glamour, thanks to the bright, lovely flora and natural sunshine.

Botanical Garden is a perfect location for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Shibpur, on the western side of the Ganges. For those who like to hide from prying eyes, hiding in arms of nature, the Botanical Garden is a few moments. However, its popular Banyan, palm and giant amazon lily pads offer an awe-inspiring background for a few photos. However, you should consider a boating lake there to attach unique elements to the photographs.

10. Mallick Ghat Flower Market

What could be more cute and elegant than a floral theme for a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot? Mallick Ghat is a Kolkata flower market, which comes to life at 7 am, an perfect spot to fire around the theme as flowers. Moreover, this will definitely have a beautiful setting for your pre-marriage shoot accompanied by the bright trees, bags and garlands of marigold and pile of various roses.

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