Photography: Expectations vs. Reality

Most of the time without any hands on experience in photography, professional and advanced photography actually sound fun to work, what say? You often practice with sophisticated and fancy tools, use your hands to create the stage, and share a million worthy Pinterest pictures on your blog in every alternative days. What can be better, isn’t it? however, the answer is a big NO!

Expectation v/s reality of photographers
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As much as people enjoy their work in general, there is far more than the golden hour, so there are many artsy squares that professional photographers can put up very well. Digital photography has made the industry so accessible, so customers sometimes think it is important to place their order and get it back right away, exactly according to request.

Yet that’s not how creativity works. If you’re a prospective photography customer searching for a expert, without a clear understanding of what happens behind the scenes you might start to get frustrated. However, the reality of your final images will definitely please you if you go into them with reasonable expectations (some of which a professional knows how to establish).

1. Availability

Photographer expectation v/s reality
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Just in case if you are calling to book a photographer for the weekend, probably they may not give you the time. You should book a professional photographer in advance, depending on the type of task you need to accomplish. All you have to remember that photography may simply look like posing in front of camera and in return getting some amazing snaps but in reality there are lots of work that keep going on behind the camera. They need your pictures to get them modified, processed and supplied and instead a copy to be written, scanned and shipped.

It is a good idea to book your photographer before the season in question for seasonal portraits of any type. The explanation why successful post-processing requires time (as we’ll explore in more depth later). You are certainly not going to shoot with professionals on the day of your engagement if you want some good pictures on the engagement invitation card, right?

2. Pricing

Pricing of photography
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Primary consumers also feel a price shock until the true cost of quality pictures is acknowledged. You should read our article regarding your pricing and get a better idea, but it’s enough to know that a lot more reaches your pictures than you actually think. For eg. if children are involved in your photographs, the photographer possibly has gathered several photos to get one where they all face the camera simultaneously.

You may notice that the photographer genuinely offers you a bargain, taking into account the time invested in preparing, filming & reprocessing the photographs coupled with the high expense of sky equipment and Pinterest-fueled aspirations.

3. Shoot length

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You can have maximum two hours while charging for a 2-hour session, except if you are totally happier with less. You can however be shocked how easily the two-hour shot passes like a flash of time. Wardrobe shifts, switch to different places, and everyone in the same group eats at the conference, so you’ll be so distracted attempting to get things all right that you still don’t have time to figure out the exact time.

Time is precious for your photographer (as is the case with other professionals). It’s one thing if they agree to remain longer but not necessary, so be prepared for the shooting and never extend it by treating it like a social event.

4. Image Dispatching

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You should be able to estimate the time your photographers have to deliver your final pictures or sneak peek. You build it on your own pace of editing, your workload at the time of your date, and the style you want.

It’s all right to ask for one, if your photographer doesn’t volunteer an estimate! When you do, wait at least a week until you cite the longest time when you contact “Where are my pictures?” Of course, it is exciting, but a good image takes time, both on and after the shoot. It takes time.

If, after the time limit, your photographer deliberately escapes you or discloses you, it is another problem. However! Before you carry your indignation to the social network, extricate your signed arrangement and locate those specific words that you may refer about in the next photographer contact.

5. Number of Images

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Customers also come to a agreement for hundreds of images. This is sometimes just the case with wedding photographs or events where the photographer shoots new things at once for hours. But most other types of photography don’t always happen. It is up to the photographer to take their pictures out to decide which those perform. People hire them because they have the experience and expertise to decide!

Note, you are not the only one you need to impress your photographer. Whenever you share your images on social media or elsewhere, your brand is represented. Whilst you may think a photograph is perfectly fine, it is a poor publicity for their services that denies you images that don’t meet your own professional standards.

Just because you’re not sharing every picture with a photographer does not mean that they do not know their stuff. Some styles don’t have rough sketches for photographers. They don’t get over-the-top (at least not for themselves). You will have hundreds or thousands of outputs and subpar shots you make while you are shooting, because they adjust and adjust as they go.

6. Awesome detailed images

wedding venue
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Pinterest is full of informative images of weddings that serve as a bridal inspo, reception tables, backgrounds of altars, greenery over the dance floor (this is different, but I dig). The upside: descriptions the shot and plays a good role in sharing your wedding day’s “plot.” The downfall: it takes resources and energy to prepare, create and coordinate.

During the wedding day the finances are real and corners are often trimmed back so that the most critical things, are granted preference and that’s completely OK. Bear in mind that if several specific images are relevant to you, several specifics have to be taken.

7. Sunsets are lovable but sometimes it rains as well

bride and groom wedding shoot
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It’s a no-brainer, I know this. We want the weather to be as great as you do, but … we can’t control the Weather. Probably we often tend to forget the fact that they are mere photographers. Of course they can create magic in photographs but they are not being able to control the environment around us.

8. Creativity in Photography takes time

Wedding shoot
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We would like to have you prepare in advance so that buffer period is available so that we recommend timescales to take effect. I can’t say how often I tell my wife that nearly all wedding schedules are late, but they don’t know how true this feeling will be until they are thick. TAKE OUR ADVICE.

If you have fallen in love with the artistic pictures of a professional, note that it will be easier to devote a considerable sum of time. Exploring, spontaneity, motivating and minutes and seconds both lead to what the pictures look like and how they are varied. On the day you feel flustered by a small portrait timeline with the end result stunning and insightful pictures, just not always imaginative.


Photography camera
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Wedding photography and videography are abundant in this delightful technical era (I must say bombardments), recently engaged or soon to be engaged with couples in the world of Instagram and Facebook. Social media is life for the bride and the bride who starts to plan their marriage. It’s a wonderful and easy way to get your wedding day inspiration from the heart and fall in love with seeing it all come together for the great day. Just using a hashtag, you can see stunning images after a fun snap. Picturesque sceneries with a halo of golden sun surrounding the people, wedding clothes on a magnificent mountain, an inspirational flower wall at the altar. It’s hard to imagine yourself at these moments when you take these kinds of shots for your wedding day, as a bride (or a bride) who is about to become a bride.

But then- the truth of life, a fact that not everyone takes into consideration as they intend is a truth that I found. Yes, to choose an experienced photographer who is your love work is one part of a photographic equation, but then the other part of the equation is the content that your photographer works with.

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