Is covid-19 writing a new world?

If you are reading this, you are probably already wondering about what would
happen to the world post covid. A virus that has forced the entire human race
under lockdown will certainly have far reaching consequences. This period of
quarantine has given all of us a chance to sit back and ruminate over the frailties
of the human race and how we aren’t all that powerful we had thought ourselves to
It has also shown us the manipulating and ugly side of WhatsApp fake news. A lot
of you might be believing that covid-19 is a result of outspills from a chinese
bioweapon or a chinese conspiracy to become a world leader through trade
Well, sorry to break it to you, but all that is rubbish and dubious WhatsApp
conspiracy theories because when you are under lockdown with nothing to do, the
fancy runs wild. As they say, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.
So then what really is covid-19 and its cause?

What is covid-19?

Covid-19 is the disease that spreads through the virus called coronavirus. It is a
new virus whose vaccine is yet to be found. Its mortality rate is 2% which is lesser
than the SARS virus but mortality rate in different countries differ because of
different factors. Normally, the viruses that spread easily are less fatal and so is
the case with this. If you are infected and have a strong immunity system you are
more likely to escape its clutches. It is the old with a weak immune system who
need to worry.
The symptoms are the same as that of the common cold and the determining
factor is fever. The incubation period of this virus is approximately 14 days. So it
may be 14 days since you have been infected and you won’t even know because the
symptoms show after 14 days. This is why it is such a threat.
But, what is the cause? Well, China had a part to play in it but it isn’t what
WhatsApp says.
This virus is supposed to have come from bats or pangolins due to China’s wildlife
trade. The doctor who had reported the discovery of the virus had been threatened
to write a statement saying that there is no virus by the officials. This was China’s
mistake which proved to be fatal for the world.Moral of the story: Authoritarianism sucks!

How is it ruling the world?

Coronavirus has taken over the world from the mighty US to the whole of Europe to
Iran to India.
The worst affected is the USA. Singapore is carrying on aggressive contact tracing
and implementing lockdowns. Italy has a grim situation with even the health
officials getting infected. The situation is so bad, the doctors had to choose
between patients to provide beds to because there was a shortage of beds. In Iran,
the Health minister himself got infected. China is bouncing back due to its
excessive testing policies and fever clinics. Most of the affected countries
are under lockdown which has kicked its economy in its gut and caused a global

What is its impact?

It is said that covid-19 is writing a new world order. The socio-economic
disruptions of this virus is huge which has shown the mirror to the human race
that even with our advanced technology, how far behind we actually are when it
comes to healthcare.

New world order
We need to ​ create a new world order​ because the old one has failed. If we have to
fight this virus, the developed as well as the developing have to progress together
to come out of this. This virus is said to come in waves. And because of
globalization, it will impact the developed as well the developing. So we have to
put our selfish unilateralism on the backseat and design International public
Health systems. The technological advancement in healthcare systems has to be
passed on from the developed to developing.
Economic impact
Internationally, a global recession has been declared. The stock markets are on
their southward journey. Our stock market has registered a record low on top of
our already existing economic and unemployment woes. Employees are going to be
let off, promotions have a grim future. The woe of the migrant workers who are
dying due to absolutely
no fault of theirs cannot be comprehended. The USA will take a hit which will
cause more economic worries for the world. Production and consumption is low,
Box office is losing money and we can also register 0 growth.
Social impact
The social impact of this virus is already showing. The people from the N.E India
already suffered at the hands of racism. Now, they are suffering more. They are
being targeted because of their looks. They are being blamed because they look
“chinese”. An old woman in west Bengal who has been living there since years has
suffered from racial prejudice. Migrant workers are being stopped at state
boundaries unable to enter after walking for 100 to 200 kms. At a time, when we
should bring people together, we are isolating them.

Can it prove to be a boon and what
can we learn from it?

That which is our bane can also be a boon.
The Centers for disease control in the US is encouraging video calls with doctors to
avoid filling up the waiting rooms. Telemedicine as a field hasn’t had much
exposure in India. But, with the democratization of the internet, it can provide a
multitude of ideas for the entrepreneurs and create employment opportunities for
the people.
Many CBSE schools are opting for online studies, more and more people are
updating their skill set by doing internships and taking recourse to online courses
like coursera, udemy and upgrad. It is a good time to explore all those nascent
hobbies and trying out new ones like photography. In Kerela, the government
proposes to provide 5G bandwidths so that more and more people can learn and
work online. It will boost E-learning that costs lesser comparatively and provides
education from the comfort of your home.
So the creative writing or photography course you wanted to take up someday, but
didn’t have time well now is a good time to do it.
In some parts of the world, they had already been using robots to do some of the
agricultural work. With the lockdown and social distancing, the use of robots isgetting a boost. We are having technological advancements in the agriculture
industry as well.
Work from Home
More and more people are already gravitating towards work from home and
freelancing because, less pollution and also you save precious minutes of your life
from being stuck in traffic. Now, with platforms like slack, companies will start to
realize that work from home once in a while is beneficial especially for those living
far away.
Due to this pandemic, we all have realized how inefficient our healthcare systems
are to handle these crisis situations. India’s performance on this scale is dismal
with the government spending a meagre amount of its GDP on healthcare. Many
are contemplating why the defense budgets of so many countries are more than
healthcare. It is time to ask for better services and question the governments on
important issues.
This has also made us see the ugly picture of authoritarianism. The Chinese
government’s denial of the virus has caused worldwide destruction. At a time when
semi authoritarianism is rising all over the world, this gives us the necessary
warning of how things can go wrong if we don’t check the authoritarian regimes
especially now amidst a crisis.
The chinese should realize the threats of authoritarianism that were marching
ahead due to a developed economy but had little care for indiviual’s freedom of

How to fight this?


Governments all over the world are requesting just one thing. Stay inside.
Stay safe. But, we citizens are turning a deaf ear to it. The migrants have a
reason they can’t help it. But, there have been many cases of people going for
a walk, partying, attending prayers at mosques, going to goa since they think
these are holidays. To all these people, who think their might will drive corona
away, well you might have a strong immune systen but most don’t.
Do you really want to take the risk of causing deaths of so many people by
going out?You can help WHO fight covid-19 by donating to the covid-19 solidarity response
fund. You can feed the migrant workers in your area. You can send your domestic
help on paid leaves.

Individually, you should avoid close contact, wash hands with soap well, cover
coughs and sneezes, cover mouth with a cloth when going out, clean and disinfect
places if daily use and as much as you can don’t touch the elderly. Maintain social

To fight this, we also need to gather relevant data about the affected
demographics, do excessive testing, develop softwares for testing and tracking and
think out of the box measures.
A vaccine may be months away so till that time, stay home, stay safe.

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