How much can you make as a Photographer

How’s it going everybody, we are Team Fliqaindia and today we’re talking about how much can you make as a photographer. Yeah that’s right, we’re going to talk about where you start the goals, you should set and how to go about achieving those goals as a Photographer. So let’s get right into it alright.

So you have a camera, you have some lenses and you’ve realized that you love photography enough to make it your full-time job but how do you go about doing that you know starting your own business it can be really tough and make it. Making it into the industry it can be even tougher. So we have some steps that you can take that can better your chances at success everyone’s a little bit different but let’s just start from the bottom and work our way up. So if you are just starting your path to becoming a professional photographer, the one question we hear people ask all the time is should we go to school and unfortunately we’re kind of going to give you a cop-out answer and tell you it really is up to you. Now all a side we’re going to tell you that real world experience is far more valuable than anything you’re going to learn in school but we’ll be definitely lying to you. If we told you that lots of the top industry leaders in photography don’t look at degrees when they’re looking at who they want to hire but if you have the means go ahead and go to school you can learn a lot at school. We went to school and we learned a lot about our creativity, technical skills, business insider tips, critical thinking all that kind of stuff and it was definitely really helpful to our  photography career. We even got our first few internships and jobs for photography through our professor’s connections but we’re going to touch on that a little bit later if you don’t go to school that is totally fine. Some of my friends didn’t go to school and they’re some of the best photographers we have ever seen in my entire life. But just be prepared if you don’t go to school to work your ass off from the get-go whether you go to school or not get outside and start taking pictures. We personally was totally self-taught with photography before we even went to school learn. Your camera try new things experiment and just all around become a better photographer try new gear out shoot as many different things as you can watch informative YouTube videos just like this one and just all around make photography your life. If you just make photography your passion there’s no doubt that you’re going to succeed. So once you’ve really played around with all your gear, your camera’s, your lenses and you’ve really gotten to know it really well start trying to get those clients. Now when We say clients and being kind of technical but what we really mean are just look for people who want you to shoot for them take one of your good friends outside and have her be a model for you and do a model photo shoot take one of your little cousins and do a little portrait session go outside with your dog and take pictures of your dog if they run around really all you’re trying to do is starting to learn what it’s like to work with people and start learning what it’s like for them to look up to you to produce. Something that they want and the best way to do that are just to start with family and friends there are zero pressure at all. When you do that and that allows you to be able to focus on nothing. But the photography and none of the other drama aside we know everyone’s probably told you go shoot your family and friends. You’ll become a better photographer and you think oh my god that’s so cheesy we don’t want to do that but we did it and we’re so happy that we did because by the time we had built up some confidence shooting people who are close to us who we were comfortable around. We were so much more confident going and photographing people who we didn’t know. So we definitely think that this is an underrated step that you should take advantage of now all while following these steps and any steps that you follow in the future. You are going to need to find a balance between two things with every decision you make and two things only and that is experience and networking, not money. If you guys are in it for the money quit now because to be totally honest with you guys on these initial steps you are not going to make much money at all. So kick that out of your mind and don’t worry about it. Right now so going back to experience and networking on this side of things with the experience anytime you do anything, you’re thinking about how it’s going to help you and your future things like what will you learn, what skills will you improve, how will your comfort level grow all these things you need to think about on this side of things.

Let’s network thing you always need to be thinking about whom you’re meeting and how those people are going to help you and your future and your goals. You think about things like well this person refer me to somebody else if we do a good job or will this person put us in contact with someone who can eventually hire us. If every photography decision that you make has a great balance of both of these then you are bound to succeed. So all along the way with everything that you do you’re going to need to find a really good way of promoting yourself, no matter the path you take in your career. If people don’t know about  you’re not going to get work you can make yourself a beautiful website you know in this day and age everyone needs a website. If you don’t have a website you’re falling behind. There’s so many great ways to create a beautiful website. So there really is no excuse we’re partial to square space so check it out it’s really awesome. You can also get business cards you know make sure that everyone always has your information handy. You’ll definitely need to build a brand may be make a really crisp clean logo that people can recognize you could maybe even make a slogan that would be really cool. You can print and pass out flyers that are a great old-school way of spreading the word about you. We still do it and it still works and honestly just the best way to promote yourself is just to be a kind outgoing person if people like you, they’ll talk about you and word will grow there’s just so many ways out there to tell people who you are and what you do. So just go find what works for you and roll with it alright so once you’ve gotten this basic stuff out of the way it’s time to start taking some risks you’ve put yourself out there so it’s time to start making those big decisions start reaching out to people who you’ve met to see if they have any potential photography positions or contacts for you. Our first legitimate job at the photographer was as a university marketing photographer and a close for professor that we had become close friends with hooked us up with that position. You can also start asking people that you know if they need work. You can start applying for all open jobs that you see online and just start trying to book some bigger gigs stuff like weddings, events concerts, and even stuck stuff like product photo shoots. Someone is bound to give you a chance and once you have your first legitimate job everything is going to snowball from there that we can promise. Now once you’re finally in the industry or you’ve made a brain and for yourself the money will start rolling in and your business will really start taking off the mindset. You should have is that once you’ve extinguished this experience networking ratio for every job you have it’s time to move onto the next one the one that can offer more experience that this one can’t or more networking that this one can’t you should always be looking for and thinking about the next opportunity to help network to help give you experience and to help achieve those final career goals that you have the cool thing is that once you’re finally at this point you can take the experience and networking and add money to it and once you start thinking about money everything gets really fun and that’s what people get excited about you can finally quit your jobs and make photography your passion that has been your love. Your entire life your full-time job which is just amazing and that’s what everyone wishes that they could say but most importantly you need to be confident. Now that you’re at this level you need to understand that because people have been hiring you and depending on you for your work that you are good at what you do and people will spend a lot of money to pay for your services. You are good at what you do and you deserve to be where you are so with this confidence. You can start working your way up in your company you can start booking more gigs per year. You can start raising your prices, you can create your own look. There’s really there’s no limit to what you can do when you’re at this point you just have to worry about owning your look being confident about it and just succeeding from there finally and probably most important for all of this to actually work in the first place is you need to be ready to work. Your ass off you’re going to have crappy days you’re going to have tiring weekends, you’re going to have people who dislike your work and you’re just not going to succeed. Sometimes you’re going to fail here and there you may lose a client or to work may get slow and building your career like this it’s going to be hard that’s one thing we can promise you but we can also tell you that the further you get the easier it gets and you’re going to really start to see your hard work paying off. So the most important advice we can give you is work hard and watch your passion turn into a living anyways guys that’s pretty much it we tried to keep that pretty concise sorry if we got kind of free you’re emotional on you guys there’s just a lot to talk about with this topic and we can get really passionate about it but if you can take a few things away from this blog it’s to work your ass off learn how to balance experience and networking and just never give up if this is your passion if it truly is your passion and you want to make it a lifestyle there’s nothing that can stop you, that alone is reason enough for you to do what you want to do anyways we’re not going to take up any more of your time but it would be awesome if you could give us some support smash that like button below it means a ton and if you’re new hit the subscribe button, it’s a great way to show your appreciation and to keep in touch with our future blogs that we’ll wrote we’ll be releasing soon anyways have an awesome day guys we hope to see you in the future.

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