Crop vs Full Frame – Which Camera Do You Need

What’s up everyone, Today what we want to talk about is Crop first Full-frame sensor Cameras and specifically what kind of Camera do you need. So those are you know in the DSLR world that sort of two terms you’re going to hear most often Crop Vs Full-frame in terms of types of cameras and the difference is actually only related to the actual size of the physical sensor that lives inside your Camera. Now the reason why it’s sort of this debate is years ago before technology has sort of progressed so far. When digital first came out you sort of needed a full-frame type camera and they’re way super expensive and only the pros had them and because they were so much pricier back then and this a lot of thing has changed in the last few years in particular and you know technology has come such a long way that Crop sensor Cameras have sort of have so much and new capability that they couldn’t, they didn’t have and they sort of things they couldn’t do back then. That we think there’s some the type has been changing a little bit.

We’re here to sort of give our own thoughts on the question that everyone likes to ask us is what kind of camera should get and do we need a Full-frame Camera:

So let’s start by sort of addressing you know sort of the advantages of Full-frame Cameras Vs Crop sensor Cameras – First and Foremost probably the greatest benefit of using a Full-frame Camera is its ability in low-light conditions to produce a relative a much cleaner image than a Crop sensor Camera by being able to shoot at much higher ISO ranges with a lesser amount of noise in your photo. So if you have an old Camera or an older Camera you might know what we exactly talking about, maybe it’s a D90, you know five six years ago and anything over ISO1600 is starting to push it. It’s not so much the case anymore some of the newer Crop sensor Cameras like even the D7100 whatever canon’s equivalent basis. They’re able to shoot a clean picture at ISO 2500 even 3200 and it looks pretty darn good. We use all Full-frame Cameras now and that’ll allow us to shoot at ISO upto 4-5 thousand and still have a very usable image. So that’s a real benefit of Full-frame sensor Cameras is that extra ability and capability in low-light conditions. So do you need a Full-frame Camera, so we know that Full-frame Cameras are better. They perform way better in low light conditions and a lot of them do a lot better with autofocus too but do you need one. So let’s talk about that we want you to ask yourself a couple questions—

So the first question is simply are you a paid photographer or you just a hobbyist so that’s sort of in terms of do you need one that’s sort of probably question number one—-

The question number two what type of photo work do you do, are you a landscape photographer or are you a Family Photographer and Portrait Photographer or are you a Newborn Photographer —–

Because if you’re a Newborn Photographer your subjects clearly aren’t moving that fast. So Autofocus really isn’t as much of a necessity to you as let’s say resolution or just overall image quality. if you’re a landscape photographer maybe the most important thing is image quality, because you’re probably using a tripod a lot of the time anyway so high ISOs that probably isn’t as much of a thing either. But if you’re a wedding photographer then that’s where sort of you really need that low-light capability. You really need to be able to shoot at ISO that is pretty high and still get a usable and clean image. So you know specifically let’s say you are wedding photographer are you most of your weddings in church ceremonies where you can’t use flash maybe you have to use ISO four and five thousand all the time if so then a Crop sensor Cameras might be limiting you a little bit. If that’s not the case though and if most of your ceremonies and everything is sort of outside and nice natural lighting well then even the newest Crop sensor Cameras they’re awesome cameras. You might be just fine with that for the further time being at least. So let’s remember this isn’t a discussion of which cameras better full-frame cameras definitely have the edge but in terms of which camera is best for you or if you need a full-frame camera well that really depends on you and your own needs and even your own budget. Now we will say that what we feels most important is you as a photographer your skills learning how to compose better photos, learn how to expose better photos all of those, learn how to pose is sort of funny they all rhyme we didn’t even know that so pose, expose, compose so your composition your exposure and of course your posing if you’re working with clients all those things those you’ll take with you regardless of a camera you’re on. So in our opinion that is what you should always be focused on first and foremost, download the idea of needing a camera or the latest and greatest piece of gear sort of burgee down because really right up here at the eye and sort of up here the knowledge will take you a lot further than any camera.

So we hope this sort of shed some light into our thoughts just sort of to recap and give one last final thought Crop sensor Cameras have come such a long way. There are a lot of really awesome options out there free right now. So just get out there and get to shooting. Now if you have any questions at all for us anything, we did an answer or address please let me know by leaving a comment down below and make sure to subscribe to the blog because we want to sort of help you become a better photographer and the best way for you to be able to do that is to subscribe so that you know when we put out new content you’ll be first to know. Hope you have an awesome weekend, we will talk to you soon see you later bye.

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