28 Famous Photography Styles You Have to know

We all know there exists Photography as a hobby and career or passion. It has various forms. In this blog, you will be reading about the trending and used on regular basis ones. Below are the various types of photography you must know as a beginner.Photography

“We capture it always”

1.Abstract Photography

You won’t find an immediate association with abstract or conceptual photography images. This type of photography stands out from the object world. The use of photographic equipment, processes, or materials is important. They are what make these images possible.

2.Adventure Photography

Anything adventure, photographed in the outdoors, goes in here. This is a niche photographic area. It includes stunning landscapes and challenging shooting conditions.

3.Advertising Photography

Advertising photography captures items for posters, billboards, or adverts in magazines or newspapers. The internet is also a huge platform for this type of photography.

Product photography is similar as it is about selling a product. Advertising photography continues by showing a brand or service. Sometimes, they can be situational images

A photography studio set up with lights and plants infront of a white backdrop

4.Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography involves photographing buildings and structures. They are accurate representations of the subjects, captured using specialised cameras and techniques.

An architecture shot of the exterior of a multi roofed, modern building


Astrophotography records objects in the night sky. Stars, satellites, and planets are no exception. Even black holes, if you have a telescope long enough. It includes Deep Sky, which is the capturing of faraway subjects using a telescope. Wide Angle (Milky Way) and Time-Lapse (star trail) photography are also included.

A stunning astrophotography shot of a circular pattern of star trails in the night sky

6.Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is the act of capturing a scene without color. Here, you capture the scene in black and white or convert it during post-processing. This also covers low-key monochrome images that use lighting in a minimalist way.

a black and white photography shot of an atmospheric forest

7.Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography captures intimate and romantic images of subjects. They take place in a bedroom or dressing room environment. Boudoir shots can be a gift to a partner on the occasion of an engagement or wedding.

romantic boudoir photo of a girl sitting against a bed

8.Candid Photography

Candid photography is the act of capturing subjects without their knowledge. This is helpful in event or street photos, where you want to capture reality.

You can be sure of unposed subjects, resulting in real scenes and facial expressions. Documentary photography and photojournalism become stronger when the scene isn’t falsified.

a candid shot of a crowded street scene

9.Cityscape Photography

A cityscape is a representation of the physical aspects of a city, metropolis or urban area.

This is the urban equal of a landscape. They can show a city during the day or at night. You can incorporate many different techniques and perspectives.

Stunning cityscape photo at night

10.Commercial Photography

Commercial photography requires taking pictures for commercial use. They can promote or sell a product or service.

Here, photographers are often commissioned or paid beforehand. Examples include photographs for corporate brochures, menus, and leaflets.

shadowing commercial photo of a man holding a pepsi bottle

11.Crystal Ball Photography

Crystal ball photography is capturing a scene by using a crystal ball.

You can keep them close to your camera, or place them further away towards the edges. Be wary though; the scene will appear upside down.

cool crystal ball photo capturing a cityscape

12.Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is for chronicling events or environments. These types of photography shots tend to be relevant to history and historical events. The images focus on everyday life.

13.Drone Photography

Drone or aerial photography is the action of photographing from an airborne object. This can include but are not exclusive to helicopters, planes and drones.

These images get photographed from up-down. Or they utilise an angle to create abstract or realistic images of the landscape.

Aerial photography of a beautiful and clear beach scene

14.Editorial Photography

Editorial photographs are images captured for use in newspapers and magazines.

These are candid images and can incorporate fashion, sports, and event photography.

editorial fashion shoot of a model in a white dress posing outdoors

15.Event Photography

Event photography is photographing guests and scenarios at any event or occasion.

These include weddings, product releases, parties, carnivalscorporate photography and live concert photography.

a crowd cheering at a concert or event

16.Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is the act of photographing displayed clothing and other items. It can happen in studio conditions or at the live catwalk and fashion shows.

The images are for editorial or advertisement uses.

models and photographers backstage at a fashion show - photography types

17.Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is where the photographer is the artist. Here, capturing the subject is not the primary purpose.

Fine art images can be artistic statements. They have a stronger concept than the same image photographed in a traditional style.

Fine art shot of white flowers on a dark surface with dark background

18.Food Photography

Food photography is a niche area of still life photography. In this area, we concentrate on food, ingredients, styling and food-related scenes.

This is also a niche of commercial or editorial photography. The images here become advertisements in magazines.

colorful overhead food photography shot

19.Forced Perspective

Forced perspective photography is fun to make and to look at. With a forced perspective, the viewer sees a different angle from the subject.

You can use this with any kind of photography, as long as you have control over the perspective of your scene.

Image of a man sitting with a guitar on his lap, holding a book with a man's face on it. It looks like it was his face due to the perspective.

20.Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is like portrait photography, usually with female subjects. Boudoir photography is the closest genre. It uses erotic poses which range from clothed to nude images.

They could be for advertising or a style of portraiture. They are more often than not seen as a little seedy. Done well, they can produce some beautiful images.

A girl posing elegantly on a rock formation

21.Golden Hour Photography

Golden hour photography refers to the hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise. This is when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. The sunlight isn’t as harsh as other times of the day and gives off a warm tone.

beautiful beach scene at golden hour

22.Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is the capturing of nature. They can be man-made features or the disturbances found in physical areas.

These can include trees, nature, deserts, and beaches. They focus on the outdoors during specific seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).

Sunsets and even night photography are also popular in this genre.

stunning shot of boats on a turquoise sea with a mountainous landscape behind

23.Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography is capturing a scene with a long shutter speed setting. This allows you to capture stationary elements while blurring or obscuring moving elements.

These types of photography shots are possible during the day or night time.

long exposure shot of a lonely looking tower on white water and against white sky

24.Macro Photography

Macro photography refers to photographing tiny subjects up close. Here, we use specialized lenses or photographic equipment. A true macro image comes from enlarging a subject bigger than its 1:1 ratio.

The most popular macro subjects are insects and flowers. But there is so much more beyond that.

25.Multiple Exposure

Multiple exposures have made a come back in the last decade as a creative photography theme. The photographer layers images in-camera or with editing software.

Here you get two (or more) scenes in one image, full to the brim with detail. You can use digital or analogue methods by layering negatives or going over an already shot film.

Black and white closeup of a woman's face and a wider portrait of her. The two images merged.

26.Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is the act of photographing people. Here, we look at their physical expressions and features. These include self-portraits and silhouettes.

Portrait Photography

27.Wedding Photography

Wedding photography includes all activities relating to weddings. It will encompass portraiture, family photography, posing, and even drone photography. They can be black and white images, and include specific props and gear, such as a photo booth.

Wedding photography

28.Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is about documenting animals in their natural habitats. Specialized equipment such as telephoto lenses is essential.

Wild life photography


These 25 types of photography might be a lot to take in. We suggest you come back to this article as it collects the main genres of photography. If you are a beginner, you are going to find loads of new ideas among these. Getting to know these types of photography is a nice start to this beautiful hobby. But as a professional photographer, you can get inspiration here as well. But cameras are complicated and it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we created this course.


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10 Hidden Interesting and Fun Facts Related to Photography

Photography is an art that is acquired through practicing capturing the glimpse of memories. Any photographers’ first picture would be their memory. The basic concept of photography has been around since about the 5th century B.C.E. It wasn’t until an Iraqi scientist developed something called the camera obscura in the 11th century that the art was born. Before Photography came into existence the artists spend hours painting glimpses of memories. In the year 1830, the first camera was developed by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. He carried along a portable camera obscura to expose a pewter plate coated with bitumen to light. There are much more fun and interesting facts awaiting in this blog. Read them to know more about photography.

Niépce’s success led to a number of other experiments and photography progressed very rapidly. Daguerreotypes, emulsion plates, and wet plates were developed almost simultaneously in the mid-to-late-1800s. With each type of emulsion, photographers experimented with different chemicals and techniques. The following are the three that were instrumental in the development of modern photography.


Doesn’t all of it sound interesting? We all know photography has a great amount of impact on our life. There are certain unknown facts that are photographs and photography which you may have not known.

Here are all the fun and interesting facts you haven’t know before.

1. The 900-Pound Camera That Only Took One Photo

This insane camera was part of a publicity stunt in 1900 by the Chicago & Alton Railway to photograph the Alton Limited locomotive. The 900 lbs. camera traveled six miles by rail car, then was carried a quarter-mile into a field by 15 men. Photographer George Lawrence (famous for his post-1906 earthquake photo of San Francisco) then took the only exposure the camera ever made on an insane 8 x 4.5 ft. glass negative (the same as the track gauge). It might seem like a crazy stunt, but it was actually considered a successful PR move, even though it cost $5,000 (about $161,000 today). Three prints were sent to the 1900 Paris Exposition, where they won the grand prize for photographic excellence. 

2. Posing and Photographing Dead People

Yep, it was a thing — and a popular thing at that. Victorian life was not easy in a lot of ways, and death was a common thing — often well before old age. Though it might seem strange or unsettling today, posing the dead with their living family was a common way to create a memory of them. Photographers frequently tried to make the dead look alive through posing or tricks like propping up their bodies in lifelike positions. Though it has fallen out of popularity, the practice still continues in small amounts across the world.

3. The $4.3 Million Photograph

The most expensive (confirmed) price ever paid for a photograph was a whopping $4,338,500 (about $6.84 million today) paid for “Rhein II,” an image by Andreas Gursky, in 1999. Gursky digitally removed pedestrians and a factory from the photo, then made a 73 by 143-inch print and mounted it on acrylic glass before framing it. It shows the Lower Rhine flowing across the image, with green fields and a gray sky on either side and was the second in a series of six. 

4. There Are 12 Hasselblad Cameras Sitting on the Moon

In spaceflight, every last ounce matters, both for the expense of getting it up there and for the precision math of navigating the craft through space and back to Earth. When astronauts went to the moon, they took lots of Hasselblad cameras with them, which took some of the most iconic photos we know today. When they brought back moon rocks for scientific study, they had to jettison some extra weight, and so, the cameras stayed behind. They brought back the film, of course, however. Surely, if someone somehow brought them back to Earth, they would be some of the most prized cameras on the planet.

5. The First Handheld Digital Camera Was Invented Way Back in 1975

It is hard to believe, but the first handheld digital camera was actually invented almost half a century ago. Kodak engineer Steve Sasson invented the device, which weighed 8 pounds (3.6 kg) and took images at a 100 by 100-pixel resolution. The resulting black and white photo was recorded on a cassette tape (a process which itself took 23 seconds) and could then be displayed on a television. Unbelievably, Kodak then did nothing with the project, afraid that such a camera would cut into their film sales (imagine what a different world this would be had Kodak taken digital seriously back then). Sasson was honored with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President Obama in 2009 and has also received honors from the Royal Photographic Society and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. 

6. The $2 Million Lens

Widely believed to be the most expensive consumer lens ever produced, the Leica (of course) APO-Telyt-R 1,600mm f/5.6 lens only saw one copy ever made. Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar, widely believed to have been the world’s largest art collector, commissioned the behemoth lens from Leica in 2006. He also had a custom Mercedes made to transport the 132-pound device. In fairness, Leica or not, a 1,600mm f/5.6 lens, particularly a one-off version, should probably command a stratospheric price. Sadly, there are no known publicly available images taken with the lens. 

7. The Egg With 54 Million Likes

The most liked image on Instagram is not some celebrity selfie or influencer post. It’s an egg. Yup. Just an egg. With over 54.5 million likes and still climbing, the photo was taken by Serghei Platonov in 2015. Advertising creative Chris Godfrey posted it to Instagram with the specific intent of getting the highest number of likes of any post on the platform, and he was wildly successful, beating the next closest post by over 30 million.

8. The Man With 4,425 Cameras

Think you have bad Gear Acquisition Syndrome? Say hello to Dilish Parekh, a jewel and government worker from Mumbai. Parekh holds the Guinness world record for the largest camera collection, currently at 4,425. Parekh inherited them from his father and continues to grow it with hopes that he can one day create a museum of cameras from his collection, which includes rare original Leicas, Rolleiflex TLRs, a Canon 7 with the famous f/0.95 “dream lens” and much more. 

9. The First Photo of a Person Was an Accident

In 1839, Louis Daguerre (yes, that Daguerre) took an image of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris. Because of the long exposure times of early processes, capturing humans was generally not possible or at least not practical. However, by luck, a man getting his shoes shined and the shoe-shine happened to stay in the same spot throughout the exposure, and as such, they became the first humans ever to appear in an image. 

10. Kodak Doesn’t Actually Mean Anything

It is easily the most iconic brand in photography, and yet, its name doesn’t actually mean anything. Whereas most photographic companies have names that are derived from some sort of background story or inspiration, George Eastman wanted a name that was impossible to pronounce incorrectly, distinctive, and short and punchy. The letter “K” was his favorite, thus its incorporation in the name. 


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How To Take Good Instagram Pictures On Your Phone?

Just recall the first phone cameras you had few years back? Do you remember how did they create the grainy, blurred, low quality pictures? Okay, phone camera pictures may have very amazing achievements in these days. Plus, it’s still next at side, unlike the cumbersome DSLR you ‘re holidaying with. However, the easiest way to stick out and create a solid profile at Instagram is to know how to capture amazing photos with the smartphone you carry. In this post, you will learn how to use just your phone to take good Instagram pictures and some Instagram ideas to motivate your feed.

How to get some decent Instagram Photos?

Instagram Photos

To know how to take good Instagram Pictures on your camera requires to grasp certain basic design and lighting concepts as well as to sharpen your own photographer’s intuition. You do have a few basic guidelines to obey.

Step 1: Use natural light

The origin of a great Instagram Pictures is light. Perhaps the most significant concept of having better pictures on your camera is to learn what to do with it.

Moreover, stop utilizing the flash light in the place of natural light, because natural lights carry the capability which produces better and clearer images.

Flash lights can even compress your pictures and wash out your subject straightaway and can therefore, ruin the quality of the images to its greater extent. Take pictures around windows or in well-lit rooms if you can’t capture outdoors. However, the sources of natural lighting such as streetlights and windows are preferred late at night.

Step 2: Do not exaggerate the pictures

Instagram Pictures

You can enhance a picture that’s too dim with any editing software, but there is little that will overexpose a picture. Prevent excess by changing the screen lighting: click and move the finger up or down to adjust brightness. However, one approach to prevent over-exposure is to press the finger on the darkest side of the frame (in the latter example, it will be the windows).

Step 3: Click at the right time

Photographers enjoy daylight hours regardless of it. Every photo becomes more exquisite at this time of day, when the sun appears soft. It is the Instagram filter of nature. When you aim at noon, clouds seem to be your mate. A strong sunshine shot that can be rough in pictures can be tough. The clouds scatter the sun’s light to render the result smoother to flatter.

Step 4: Follow the rule of thirds

Structure applies to the arrangement of a picture: shapes, textures, colors, and other aspects of the pictures.

However, the law of the third parties is one of the most common concepts of design and relates to a basic technique for balancing the portrait. This breaks a picture into a grid of three by three and lines up the items or the subjects in a frame to ensure symmetry.

You may place your subject like this, for example:

However, with “controlled asymmetry,” you may also get a pleasing result, when the subject is out of the middle but controlled by another entity. Moreover, in the lower right region of the frame, the flowers are positioned and are balanced in the top-left corner by the light.

Step 5: Keep your viewpoint intact

You possibly keep a snapshot about your eye-level and click while capturing with your phone, right? However, almost everyone does it . If you want to take fun, surprising images, avoid this normal phenomenon.

Taking images from another viewpoint offers fresh views, often in common locations or topics. Seek to fire from top or bottom, shrink to the ground or scale a wall (if you feel ambitious).

Don’t fag your legs in the search of the ideal aim, but seek to view it in a different way.

Step 6: Add frames to your subject

When the focus of your picture leaves room, it will increase your visual attention. Occasionally you get an incredible element that makes a shot much better, like this picture’s moon in the sky:

Contrary to an fixed lens device, the phone image “zooms” into the field of vision by shrinking. You just pre-crop your pic. In reality. This will restrict your editing choices later, so that you can stop losing important details.

Tap on the video topic or switch to aim the image instead. You should obtain an extra lens that suits on your camera if you choose to allow yourself further choices.

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Step 7: Draw viewer’s attention

The “leading lines” in photography are lines that move through the picture and attract the attention to texture features. It may be paths, buildings or natural objects such as trees and waves. Take a look at the leading lines and use them to bring movement to your frame.

You can use leading lines to capture more and more attention at your subject, just like in this shot:

Step 8: Be creative with your Instagram pictures

Many of your Instagram pictures are so gorgeous and good that they tend to be tempting you to use a whole Instagram page for repeated pictures. Don’t get so lost in picture patterns in Instagram that it destroys the imagination.

You want to differentiate yourself from other Instagram labels and still push yourself to discover a different take on a specific subject. It allows you to create a recognizable and unforgettable brand name.

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8 Best Tips to Become a Successful Freelance Photographer

Don’t you want to make your passion into a successful professional achievement? Don’t you dream to become a successful professional freelance photographer some day? However, as a matter of fact you will have a lot of autonomy and satisfaction in your own photography business but you may not know exactly how and from where to start off. You don’t have to scratch your head, we will give the best of advice in this article on how to become a successful freelance photographer. So? let’s take off!

How to begin as a photographer freelance?

Many productive organizations continue to work freelance as part-time and then eventually become professional photographers with full time. Freelance photography may, however, be specific as it introduces such unique challenges.

We all know that Photography is basically a craft. The elegance of a scene takes on a specific love and ability. Second, all the hardware you use is very pricey in contrast with many independent firms. For example, a laptop is almost everything you need to start in web creation. You will have to have a solid understanding of the photography techniques to succeed in your photography business. An initial expenditure in certain kit would still need to be made.

That said, we have a few advises to get your company off the ground at a fairly low rate. We can show you just how to purchase the essentials required. We will also teach you the easiest way to become a professional freelance photographer.

Below are the guidelines to become A Successful Freelance Photographer :

1. Buy necessary equipment

You must invest in good equipment before commencing your work, so that you can be assured that you will do your job.

Regardless of the profession, just a couple of pieces of equipment, including a tripod, lens and light, are required to start a freelance photography business. You can will have to create good quality pictures with reflectors, diffusers and illumination. It refers in particular to photographers who are shooting photos, real estate or property.

Effective lenses are the most essential of all such pieces of kit. Once you begin to gain revenue, you can invest some of this money on purchasing new lenses.

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2. Create an enticing website

A professional website for photography would be important for you to view your work as a successful freelance photographer. Your website also helps to share photography knowledge about your business. Don’t worry, as WordPress makes it simple to build a custom online picture gallery, if you don’t know anything about web design.

Yet you may be more than a list on your website. In order to connect with clients, arrange meetings, handle orders and even do jobs, you can use the website. A WordPress website and a decent picture template make the best place to start!

3. Make a portfolio

To draw buyers, any freelance photographer needs a solid portfolio. We propose that you do some free research before you start developing your portfolio. You will also find local models who need portraits for their modeling portfolio, which would help both of you.

You’ll need to include this on the website after you’ve completed some free research.

4. Look for clients

A Successful Freelance Photographer

There are a number of online photography sites to traction artists and customers, including Pinterest and other social networking, forums and friends and from the word of mouth from family and peers. Build a forum to draw potential clients and post daily. A blog always demonstrates the readers the job and develops their trust.

This is always a smart idea to retain daily communication with current clients via e-mail. You will get return clients and more work by referrals through a good network.

5. Edit before delivery

A Successful Freelance Photographer

The best way for a freelance photographer to excel is to deliver your clients such a wonderful job, they can only trust you. You will also edit and refine the images and do so before you send them and the customers. Such editing can involve a backdrop change, color balance, inadequate light fixation and enhancement in skin tones.

6. Finance Management

A Successful Freelance Photographer

Your income is fixed while you work with someone else. It can be very daunting to become a self-employed photographer and to be liable for your own salary. Nonetheless, you will remove a great deal of this fear if you control income and expense for your photography company.

Try to compensate a fee for yourself and to hold the expenses apart from the other budgets. You would then realize how much capital you have left for investment in your business. So you’re not going to be tented to buy out from the back.

7. Attend different workshops

A Successful Freelance Photographer

For freelance photographers, continuing education is essential because you must retain sharp skills. Participate in a nearby photography class, participate in a graduate school or research on-line. You will not only gain new things, but will also have the chance to extend your network and get help from free photographers.

You will not only gain additional things, but will also have the chance to extend your network and get help from the other freelance photographers.

8. Self-confidence is necessary

A Successful Freelance Photographer

Your photographic potential should be enthusiastic if you want to become a successful freelance photographer. You will prove future clients that you can produce the job you need effectively to excel as a freelancer.

Take numerous photographic training. Remember what succeeded in various conditions and what didn’t work. The more knowledge you acquire, the more abilities you develop. With every move you are a more trustworthy photographer.

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Birthday Photography Tips: Make Your Album A Stunning One

Birthday parties are so much entertaining to watch and encounter, especially when it comes to your kid’s party. There are numerous opportunities to capture unforgettable pictures from the smile that comes straight from the children’s heart. Here are the top 10 birthday photography tips I am sure you will love to explore.

Speaking of moments, don’t miss the big ones! Either before the birthday party date or right when you arrive, have a chat with the host about the order of events. Each birthday marks a milestone you’ll want to remember as every child grows up. So it is highly advisable to hire professional photographers for your child’s birthday party photographs. and here are some of the great tips, you being a photographer can gain some good impressions while capturing some sunning pictures that your clients will just love.

Birthday photography Tip 1

When the birthday girl is all set to blow the candles and the light of the room is already turned off, but sooner you realize pictures can still be clicked. Just switch the device to portrait night scene mode (if it is accessible from the phone) so that it can be appropriately exposed to low light to catch the natural illumination of the candle.

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Birthday photography Tip 2

Increase the ISO. Whether you are holding indoor parties at your home or at a sports center, you should raise the pace of the shutter to catch the action to make sure that you have good images. You will have to raise the ISO depending on your sensor.

Any lighting at birthday parties, from really bright to dark, and when it comes to camera configuration, it is impossible to create common recommendations. Begin with ISO 400 with f/5.6 to f/8 and change it. Unless it is kept indoors you will have ISO 400-800 at least in the crowd. It is, of course, not cast in stone like it would be a luminous building. Please manually configure and modify the ISO as such conditions happen. Don’t be scared if you decide to rip the ISO up to 800 or 1200.

Birthday photography Tip 3

You don’t want to worry about the settings during the party unless you know much about your camera. Adjust your camera to the plan and let it do your job. You will surely get fantastic photos and love seeing the children unfolding birthday party. The same applies with focus. If the auto-focus lens is available , please use it. You should purchase one for the day if you don’t have an auto-focus lens. therefore, using the right camera and lens always play an intriguing role while capturing any photographs.

Birthday photography Tip 4

In order to make the birthday album more enticing, it is always advisable to shoot while the birthday preparation goes on. More precisely, behind the scene videos are one of the most highlighting element that is extremely trendy to watch. There are lot of aspects and filters while moving on with the preparations. If those moments get captured, it will surely be memorable and people will love recalling the moments spent.

Birthday photography Tip 5

Birthday photography

Shoot Higher Up Or Get Lower. A perfect photography idea for birthday parties is to get up. Which is the level? Have you got a high chair? It’s the finest height. Especially if you photograph a table with food or a collection of presents, take a specific shot from above. You do not need to think about disruptions in the background if you take a table from above and the design would be more effective.

It is the same with photographing children – try reducing the eye height, because you are at their eye level, instead of taking pictures of children from the eye point. It looks much more realistic and you can catch children’s close-ups and unusual gestures. In general, you can not be scared to seek out various viewpoints, which you would not usually able to see. That is the main thing here, so that you can make your images stick out from multiple points of view! Note that nice birthday photos will appear like standard portraits that have deliberately designed portraits rather than hurried snapshots.

Birthday photography Tip 6

Birthday photography

Do not miss out the special moments from birthday party like blowing out the candles or bursting out the balloons or else feeding cake. It can be a bit difficult to catch this moment when it comes to blowing the candles. People may often get distracted by illumination as the candles and the image of the birthday boy or girl become lit further. For a wide angle, try to capture the top of the pie and the face and keep the eyes close. Around this stage you might have to wield a few abilities, for a primary reason. This shouldn’t be a concern – You can even give necessary directions to your subject if you think the pictures can come out to be better.

Birthday photography Tip 7

Birthday photography

Candid shots are priceless to go for. Candide images of multiple social occasions, including birthdays, are not so easy to capture as putting a camera on stage affects people’s attitudes and actions. It’s pretty rare to have some very honest moments because of this. This is particularly important of situations in which people recognize that someone is hiring to take photographs. The key thing is to let viewers get used to your existence and take some nice pictures when the time arrives.

Birthday celebrations are an perfect opportunity for casual photographs and for years to come, you will be able to record precious feelings and gestures. Make sure you get it correctly – maybe you have to be careful. Move into uncomfortable positions, use mirrors or windows for private conversations, use shapes to frame your subject, fire through people, sneak into a short moment until people know. Best of all, aim at the dimension of surprise with candid group photos!

Birthday photography Tip 8

Do not make over use of flash lights. Although you won’t have to use your flash all the time you can’t escape it sometimes, particularly if you don’t have any prime lenses and the birthday venue is not shining brightly. Flash can even be useful while the objects are re-lighted to fill in darkness.

If using a light, make sure to disperse it to prevent dark glare and blinding spots as far as possible. You should attach a diffusers to the flash itself or reflect off the roof or wall behind you. This is not difficult to disperse a light. You will always make sure the light is calibrated to show as powerfully. When you don’t know how to manually use light, take some time to research on it. I am sure it will do wonders. A flash will save your time and ensure that your photos are captured, but don’t overuse them – use them only when appropriate when they are usable.

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Photoshoot Ideas Which Will Make Your Social Media Account Famous

Are you ready to discover the ways to make yourself famous socially?

The utter way to sustain social network engagement is to share pictures regularly. Yet it isn’t always easy to come up with something fresh and innovative. Each day, it is a task to empower followers with exclusive images. However, this doesn’t mean you need abandon faith. Via fantastic social media pictures you can easily catch and record your photographs and adventures. So, here are some of the photoshoot ideas which will surely help you to make your profile looks stunning. When it comes to getting your social media photos to the next stage, you need to be specialist at combining poses and props at the same time.

Photoshoot idea 1: Making yourself comfortable

girl sitting at street cafe summer terrace with flowers with morning coffee and reading book

Start with your home’s most relaxing place – your bedroom. You may not be able to share photographs of yourself on the bed because the photographer wants plenty of room to do the post-work. Using your bed and a flower vase to create the ideal spot. Show your joy by gazing closely at it and having your personal photographer catch it when it is submitted from someone extraordinary.

Photoshoot idea 2: Add a mirror

Beautiful redhead girl with long hair and blue eyes looking at herself in a broken mirror

Props can be a strain often. When used inappropriately, mirrors can produce an extremely cool shot. Many photographers suggest to use a mirror to take impressive images. Mirrors are such props which may also be useful to share some kind of story.

Another advantage is that it allows you a opportunity to see the surroundings better while filming with a mirror. The best approach to produce an incredibly outstanding outcome might require basic props like a mirror. Using a mirror to render these impressive portrait images. You can get several compositions of a particular place when shot with a mirror. However, only a skilled photographer will assist you with different placements, patterns and illuminations.

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Photoshoot idea 3: Play with exposures

This one is likely to amaze the fans on Instagram. To capture something different and unique, using lighting intensity. It is better achieved by utilizing light-exposure and time-lapse to build trails and effects. Cut out certain sources of light to hold the final picture unimpaired when recording this light intensity from your images.

Light is a significant feature of a photograph. And it makes perfect sense to mess around and build something unique and exciting. A time lapse with long exposure is one of the most common forms of obtaining these images. This causes light paths and other results. Seek to block out any extra light as soon as possible while dealing with the exposure of your pictures. Therefore, the final photo doesn’t change its intensity. You should also be careful about your tripod so that it does not move much when your shutter is open.

Photoshoot idea 4: Capture during summers


Show some love in summer to your Instagram followers, particularly when in New Zealand, Argentina, Chile or anywhere in the world you are dreaming about. Let everyone celebrate this season’s colors and elegance by sharing pictures walking up a grassy slope. Do not hesitate to line up the latest shots from your professional photographer.

Summer is the perfect time to get going with your portfolio shots.The golden hour; this is a most sought-after shooting day period just after sunrise and again only prior to sunset. The light reflects on everything at a golden hour, producing pictures of a warm, golden hue. It is a beautiful season for portraits and nature photographs alike and it’s an excellent condition for taking such pictures in summer when sunsets and sunrises are more spectacular than waves.

Photoshoot idea 5: Head to the beach


Winter is the season to catch wild winds, but summer is the best time to take fantastic beach pictures every year; so typically there is a lot happening around the beach and a nice opportunity to take pictures which can make your social media profile more gorgeous. However, always remember to get a check on the tide timings, because sometimes high tides can ruin your photographic background and environment. So, it is always advisable to go for a low tide region and get capture stunning pictures to give your social status a drift.

Photoshoot idea 6: Give some hang out vibes

Social media always tend to showcase how much you strive to give your followers a taste into your adventures and make sure they associate your group with your summer antics. Take pictures with your squad and put your favorite places up, along with perfect quotes. You can visit to the various good looking cafes, get hold of a perfect background and then what? pose with your pals in every possible style you know. So, what are you waiting for? Go get it done, isn’t it a great idea?

Photoshoot idea 7: Add a Silhouette

Do you want to take control of the audience in a quick moment? Taking advantage of the stunning silhouette to make your profile look more appropriate in terms of others. Contrast the shot with a lit backdrop or even with a mirror. Adjust the ISO at low, so that the images don’t show distortion or noise.

When you want to create the backdrop of your frame, focus on your subject so that it appears strong and simple. Do not be hesitant to change the contrasts using Photoshop or Lightroom. Use your silhouette and lit backdrop may also create a double exposure effect. Try to add items such as city lights or a cosmos to enhance the context.

Photoshoot idea 8: Pose with stairs


Stairs are an great means of introducing symmetrical lines to your picture shoots, so why not take a convenient stairway spot. Enable your photographer to use multiple angles to select images to have a powerful effect. However, professional and skilled photographers always suggest to click pictures with perspectives to be kept in mind. More the perspectives be properly acknowledged, the more perfect will be the end results. And for that stairs always comes to the rescue when you do not find any proper place to pose, always get hold of the stairs. the pictures will automatically come awesome and therefore make your Instagram profile more stunning.


So, above mentioned are some of the photoshoot ideas you can pick up while making your social media accounts look immensely appealing and impressive. However, the most important thing which should not get missed while you are trying your hands on posing in front of the camera or preparing your portfolio for the first time. that is always look up to a team of skilled and professional photographs. They are the only one who can make you look what you exactly want.

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7 Romantic Post Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Is a pre-wedding shoot too typical for you? 

Do you want something more enticing other than pre wedding photoshoot? These 7 Romantic Post Wedding Photo-Shoot Ideas can make your pictures much more unique and engrossing.

A romantic post wedding photoshoot is nothing but a symbol of love and satisfaction. A post wedding photoshoot captures your ride with your partner and can be completed anytime you want. When they have a good memory to rely on, passion will still be held alive among a few. This will chill your spirit and fill your heart with the love for years from now as you take a trip down the memory lane! When you like motivation and suggestions for preparing the shooting, move on. Move more. Here are some Romantic Post Wedding Photo-Shoot Ideas that will blow your mind with amazement:

1. Just Married Photoshoot

Your post wedding picture archive should not miss out the iconic ‘Just Married’ shot. This is one of the most romantic post wedding shot one can ever get. It is a smart thing for you to place your own post wedding compilation. Put one in black and white on the cover of the first page on the album if you plan to make a paper from your post-wedding pictures. Imagine your nostalgia when you start this album in 40 years ‘ time.

Some of the most recurring themes for millennial couples is a post wedding shoot with the theme ‘just married.’ You can pose in front of a car with balloons for getting a complete Bollywood vibe on this photo shoot. You can even sit down and grass looking at each other’s eyes with love in your wedding outfits. What can be more romantic than this?

2. Honeymoon photoshoot

Honeymoon is one of the newlywed couples’ most unique and enjoyable activities after a wedding. When you intend to film after your reception, that would definitely be the greatest thing ever to do at your honeymoon. During your weekend getaway, you will let your hair down and have fun with your friend. A after-marriage session at your honeymoon offers you a series of images and respectable pictures on Instagram to flatter your young love. In addition, the location you plan for your honeymoon will certainly provide a beautiful backdrop for a shoot after your marriage.

3. Post wedding Date Night Photoshoot

Post Wedding

A wedding is a frantic thing and the couple could be drained out of exhaustion. A romantic date is equally crucial for every couple. The romantic date night for a post-wedding shoot is an outstanding theme. You wont mind having a couple of amazing pictures with just looking into each other’s eyes with passion would surely mark your photoshoot to an extent. Always remember, to get pictures as per your choice you should always hire a team of professional photographer who will not disappoint you with their service. Your entire album depends on how the pictures are being captured.

4. Post wedding Festival Photoshoot

Post Wedding

India has the most colorful families and communities and is renowned for its festivals. So what better way than organizing the post wedding photo-shoots at festivals to infuse music as well as color? You should schedule a post-marriage shoot at a festival that’s similar to it, depending on your wedding date. In all the coming years, all your photos should hold unique memories. Believe us, this post wedding photo shoot definitely would have a special spot in your heart so why not have it to the fullest?

5. The Post wedding ring moment

Post Wedding

Whether you are getting captured for a pre wedding or a post wedding, your rings will always hold a special place in the photoshoot. However, if you are among those who love to flaunt mangalsutra and vermillion you are always welcome for such shots. It will not only highlight the happiness of being married to your Mr. Right but it will also capture a moment of pride for every girl in the world.

6. The Family Picture

For at least one of your pictures since your marriage the family needs to be in your photoshoot album. The bride’s parents would still get a tragic glimmer at the eye corner even though they smile. However, being away from their daughter is an absolute tragedy for any family members, but it is always a good idea to click a family picture before leaving. As it will always be there in your memory. The same thing applies to the parents of the groom if you both leave after marriage. Take a snapshot of your respective parents and mark your day with an extra tinge of happiness.

7. The Blooming Love

Only couple images that show the young relationship must be included in the post wedding photoshoot album off your. Whether you’re at home, on the garden, indoors or outdoors, or at any other venue after the day of your wedding, the roaring closings and the “We were so happy” faces are post-marriage snaps, are worth framing.

Who suggests that you still need a focus for a shoot after your wedding? Just the passion between the newly wed bride and the groom will turn the shutter exceptionally well. You should prepare a post-wedding shoot to maintain the taste of your passion and companionship. You don’t have to record a particular concept to achieve what you say, just a spontaneous act of love and enthusiasm is enough to create a beautiful film.

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10 Wedding Shots Every Photographer Should Take

Make your wedding book picture-perfect

Is it for the first time you are going to cover a big fat wedding and confused about the shots? Don’t panic! We are getting you covered. The days of cliches and regular wedding shots are gone where the photographer would stick to the basic and standard photographic poses. Moreover, now a days couples tend to seek for more authentic and candid pictures that convey the big day ‘s tale to the greatest possible level. It is important for the couple to spend every time with their loved ones. Therefore, being a wedding photographer, you need to be careful enough not to skip these 10 wedding shots, which will help you to dig out the real artist in you.

As marriage photography innovation and aesthetic have started to change, people have become highly anticipated to capture the important day of their lives. Therefore, we want to draw your attention to this blog which talks about a photographer’s 10 Wedding Shots during a wedding.

If you really want to know how to choose a professional photographer to capture every memories during your wedding check out the blog: How Can You Choose The Best Wedding Photography Service Provider?

1. Capture the minute details

Each aspect of a wedding, from cards to wedding rings, is incredibly important. Such little things during a wedding include a perceptible appeal. An gallery full of people alone does not lend an exquisite charm to a wedding picture, and even wedding imagery has modified patterns.

Capture the bridal ornaments, outfits, wedding wear and accessories of the groom, bridal bouquets, jaimalas and other similar objects which are essential during a standard wedding.

2. Catch the bride getting ready

10 Wedding Shots

Casual and practical pictures are a must-see for the bride and groom. Try to take the bride’s funny snapshots with her bridesmaids as the groom and his gang crack or have fun together. However it is important to invite the photographer to film the glam moments in the bridal room, as much as any girl needs her perfect hairdo. Don’t neglect to have your partner’s moments that are waiting for you until your big day!

Let the photographer move between the grooms and the bridesmaid so that the men and women would be able to catch the moment of getting dressed.

3.  Twirling bride

10 Wedding Shots

It’s cool to see a bride stroll when she’s getting ready. Twirling is the best way for her wedding dress to appear flawless and she would of course be very happy to do so. In reality, right before the marriage ceremonies begin, this type of wedding shots are most favorites for brides. This may appear to be a cliche wedding pose of the bridal but every bride enjoys a nice twist. This shows not only love in the heart of the bride, but you will also display the bridal dress in all its glory. So, why not capturing her fun moment when she appears to twirl her wedding outfit out of excitement?

4. The one with the parents and siblings

The bride and the groom enjoying the day with their parents and siblings is also an inevitable shot that you can click on. These are rare occasions for a wife or a wife and near to the heart. Catch such important moments without offering the whole wedding tale an intense brush.

A picture with your parents and siblings on the day of your wedding will surely take you back to those childhood days where you would always got the back of their hands whenever you tend to fall apart. These shots during your wedding will surely make you nostalgic and emotional whenever you would want to visit your childhood.

5. Capture the wedding venue

It’s the best moment for the photographers to take pictures, whether your wedding venue is in the open area, in a church or just on the sand, until the wedding comes to light.

We all know that Indians invest excessively on decorating the marriage venue. The preferences of the millennial are the party wedding venues. And ensure you get the perfect pictures of the site. Pictures of the mandap or the reception area with and without crowd are equally preferred. if you are looking to capture the amazing shots, this is one of the 10 wedding shots which can perfectly fit with your customer’s satisfaction.

6. The Dhamakedar Entry

One of the most stunning sights of a wedding is a bride heading down the aisle or a bride being carried to the mandap under a chaadar or in the palanquin as it used to be. Also, a baarat or the wedding entrance has a style of its own.

Every girl dreams of her day, her wedding dress, her husband. Yet in the union there is one more significant thing, and it’s their Bridal entry, for a modern age wife. Just like all the visitors, the relatives, particularly the bride, everyone is waiting for a look at the lovely bride and holding their breath. So why not come like a queen and make your bridal entry unforgettable.

7. Capture The Exchange of Jaimalas

So the main aspect of a marriage has been to tie the knot to eliminate the rebel gangs. It’s time to have the bride and bride ‘s latest blunt shots and intimate looks.

The ceremony of Jaimala marks the beginning of a happy union. The bride’s and bride’s sharing of auspicious jaimala corns in the presence of their loved ones is such a soulful moment and the first step towards peace ever after. It must therefore be at the top of the checklist of your photographer!

8. The Kanyadaan Moment

10 Wedding Shots

Kanyadaan is a century-old tradition, celebrated as one of the sentimental moments in an Indian marriage, where a father sacrifices greatly in giving his beloved daughter to her spouse. It is of utmost value for the pair and the families of the bride, and should therefore be accurately recorded by the photographer’s lens. However, this shot is surely one of the finest click from 10 wedding shots a photographer can click.

Each marriage is filled with feelings as the father offers his beloved daughter a last sacrifice for a lifetime, in the possession of an other man. Rituals arrives filled with a strong downpour of tears in an intense burst. It’s important to consider how a father feels about his daughter to consider why Kanyadaan has such a strong emotion.

9. The Soul-stirring Pheras

10 Wedding Shots

This is another imperative moment for a bride and a bride to sanctify their union and symbolize an eternal promise of fellowship. However, during this ceremony would take seven rounds (7 times as seven vows are made), the bride and the groom go around the holy altar, while the priest sing the mantras. Each pledge has theological meaning behind it, so see this blog to see what it entails.

In the meantime, here are some gorgeous images of pairs taking saat-pheras which may make you want to have incredible pictures.

10. The calming ‘Just Married’ moment

10 Wedding Shots

When the bride and the groom are done with all the wedding rituals and whatever they can to get married, their joy knows no limits. After they have been married. It’s a completely ecstasy moment, which clearly reflects on their hands. Therefore, catch the pleasant and enjoyable pictures of ‘Just Married’ people, who seemed to be on cloud nine. Then add it to the checklist until you swoon over it!

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10 Unique Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Get ready with all your favorite poses

Not everyone records the days until and unless the day arrives. Many people want to visit those lovely and exciting locations and to capture their romantic moments as a token of memory. However, we have tried to help you out with a curated collection of the finest Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas if you guys are planning to have a fantastic pre wedding photoshoot to carry back with the memories.

Each of the shots will be worth recalling and life-saving, including taking sweet romantic candor images on camel safaris in the smooth sand dunes of spectacular deserts, underwater embraces, and elegant pictures in wonderful locations on your photoshoot before wedding. The Pre Wedding Photoshoot has become a major success, with young people having to take pictures of themselves in glamorous designs and themes at some locations because the Latest Models are storming the Indian marriage industry.

Here’s 10 Unique Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas that every couple should head to once in their lifetime:

1. At night under the stars

A marriage is a lovely beginning on this bright journey so why don’t you both start with a sky that is full of stars? Is it easy to find? This idea of pre wedding photoshoot is to make the couple feel their atmosphere under the stars to capture you romantic under the stars. A spot like this is typical to even the most shy pair who will certainly pull out the romance. Pick this look to recall for years for a fun picture shoot!

Stars under the stars! Capturing some realistic and timeless photographs in a non-conventional way at a spot packed with sizzling water, flowers and emotionally enlightening your picture book. You will find it strangely interesting with some fairy lights on your backdrop.

2. Go Filmy

If you enjoy classical films, and crave for having a dramatic photographs to cherish for the rest of your life, then don’t shy away from this style of pre-wedding imagery and want to revisit these legendary moments for your enjoy. Whats the issue to be her Raj, and who can say she might be Simran in your fantasy? Just make yourself comfortable in front of the camera when you are giving filmy poses and make your pre-marriage memorable.

Since attending so many weddings, we find out that two types of couples still exist. Many of you who love Bollywood and those who drink Bollywood 4 times a day. Let your hair blow with the wind. And render an everlasting memories.

3. Focus on food

Consider the ‘scenic’ environment for country lanes or the cafés! When you fell in love with each other, then express the appreciation in everything through the photoshoot in the wedding. This will not only make it better, but it will be even more genuine because you never have to stage the aroused look at the meal!

We know how much a foodie is in absolute love with Italian pasta and Chinese dishes. Then why don’t you get captured with both the love of your life? isn’t is a unique one to carry forward? Pre wedding photoshoot with a platter of satisfaction is just so different but exciting because you won’t just shoot but also enjoy simultaneously.

4. Feel free to invite your friends

The party of monsters who will joke around while you do the saat pheras is always the ones that grab you in molten bravery, away from snoopy family eyes. Make things a lot more enjoyable to have your mates in your photoshoot before your wedding! You know, only a photoshop can’t create a happier grin when you break a real smile over private jokes!

5. Go for symmetry

A pre-wedding shot these days is nothing less than a perfect romantic documentary. Couples and photographers aspire to produce exceptional results. The process includes a large-scale planning & implementation, from the travel abroad for a destination marriage shootout to multiple costume changes, interested shoots and release of a teaser trailer before the full shot movie. Symmetry is another aspect that looks beautiful before marriage pictures. Implement this in order to attract people’s attention to your pre-wedding shoot.

6. A rainy shot

People often claim that the Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas are the best concepts for you if your love story has a roaring period. Shots like the one shot of Umbrella and the iconic shot of Ashique 2 can fill your core with the flavors of passion. It is a little complicated to render a Rain photo session, but it turns out to be something beyond language. Check it out if you believe rains are the season of love for your pre-wedding movie. Build yourself, think out of the box, execute any little or play absolutely candidly-the intimacy between you and your partner should represent your pre-marriage shoot poses.

7. Go by the beach

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Many of the couples now a days consider beach photography as one of the Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas, since the photo shoot comes out to be amazing by the sunsets and the beautiful surrounding areas. A fun beach photo with all the beachwear and poses will make your pre-wedding so delightful. If you are not an adult in a beachwear, a casual stroll or yoga are other enjoyable choices. When you enjoy the vibes of a beach together with your friends, consider this session for your pre-matrimony.

Get ready with your salsa and Boogie steps to have a gorgeous shoot before marriage! How don’t you pursue any of them when filming for your pre-wedding, while you practice your dance pair for Sangeet?

8. Go Vintage

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

If you are a quintessential lover who loves the various blue colors that are perfectly adapted to the classic costumes, then go for these types of Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas. This one is out of all rolls. Improved the charm of these photoshoot by incorporating different props such as gramophones or old mobile.

You should realize that history still has its beauty and appeal. So bring back classy from the time the word came into being and take a picture shot. The options for this photo shoot of gramophones, victorian balconies, intricate styling are infinite.

9. A romantic one

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Often, you need just the right balance for both of you right before posing for your pre wedding photoshoot . You don’t even need a ton like your portrait supporter when you embrace your partner who shares the innermost feelings! The backdrop scenery contributes more to the finesse of this pre-marriage shot. You can get a stellar picture with the right colors and lighting.

What say about a romantic date night by the sea? This is one of the Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas that can never go wrong. For this you need to hire a very professional photographer who can make sure that none of your shots go wrong. For this you can take the help of The Best Wedding Photography Service Provider. Both the shots and the professionalism can create a fairy tale feel for the shots: food, chocolate, a wall and fairy lights. And even the love quotient is moved by the gentle sea suggestion at the backdrop.

10. Go for a boat ride

Join a romantic boat trip with your spouse! A happy boat trip is one of the dreamiest Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas one can ever think of. Doll up your boat with colorful Flower decorations. Wear a peach and decorative fashionable gown. Relax with your partner on a secluded beach in the center of nowhere. Romanticism exudes the whole idea of boating. Trust us, this picture will feel like a screenshot from a book of fairy tales!

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The Pre Wedding Shoot Checklist You Should Head Right Now!

The Ultimate Pre Wedding Shoot Checklist You Need

Yes you heard it absolutely right. Probably one must get stunned by knowing that it is beneficial to make a pre-wedding checklist as well apart from creating wedding checklist. While there could be a couple of relevant items on your wedding preparation checklist chart, you know your pre-marriage shoot needs to be prepared well as well. After all, you might not like your romantic film to be spoiled by any issues at the last minute. Aren’t it needful to organize the pre wedding shoot checklist from the pre-wedding venue to the selection of dresses and the hiring makeup artist and photographers? However, the answer is an absolute YES!

However, no need to scratch your head out of confusion. Let’s sneak peek into the pre-wedding shoot checklist we have prepared for you:

1. Select the pre wedding shoot location

The Pre Wedding Shoot

That is what you need to remember most when you schedule your pre-marriage test. Discuss about your BUDGET as well. And the money you can pay at your pre-wedding destination is mostly dependent on the cost. Whilst some of you may want to arrange a wedding shooting location, others may do so locally.

After the venue has been decided or shortlisted, check if the locations are accessible for free of charge. However, it is also necessary to take into account the reservations needed for travel arrangements to enter the destination and to book a perfect space for the pre wedding shoot.

And if you want to get your pre wedding photo-shoot in Kolkata, take inspiration from Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Destinations In Kolkata

2. Go for a professional photographer

The Pre Wedding Shoot

Seeking a professional photographer tend to be another significant thing on the pre wedding shoot checklist. Do not neglect to pick the photographer carefully because your pre wedding album will be completely based on how professional the photographers are. To pick a photographer for your wedding on your special day is not a rocket science theory because you already have a list of ideas waiting on you. Therefore, all you need to consider is  how they  fit you better as any photographer wants to be the greatest in the business.

You can conveniently pick a wedding photographer by discovering and planning a budget. However, there are no limitations and no restrictions to how much or how little photography can be paid for, just note that quality often comes at a reasonable price. If you do not plan to invest a lot on wedding photographs, try hiring nearby or less established photographers for small features such as the pre wedding shoot.

To get amazing pre wedding shot you can consider http://www.fliqaindia.com/

3. Hire a professional make-up artist

The Pre Wedding Shoot

Well, you definitely need a MUA to make a pre marriage outfit look fine. Moreover, make sure that at least 2 months before your scheduled pre-marriage shoot you book the making-up artist in order to stop last minute hassle. Often, do not neglect to do a beauty check or chat about what kind of looks you like, like hairstyle and makeup.

It is really essential to confirm the standard of the items they use for your makeup. Above all, you don’t want to change the balance on the face. It is especially relevant when you employ the Bridal Makeup Artist for more than one job. Specific tasks and incentives involve different forms of makeup. Make sure the Makeup Artist uses high-quality skin labels to avoid any breakouts.

4. Give a check on the pre wedding shoot outfit

The Pre Wedding Shoot

On of the most crucial truth is that the pre-wedding shoot checklist is absolutely incomplete without three or four sets of apparels for the bride and the groom. Ensure that you guys compliment each other and its style and ofcourse it should suit the venue. Schedule a visit to your pre wedding photographer to have a discussion about your pre-marriage session properly.

It may be a terrible decision to pick what to wear for your pre wedding shoot. However, if you hire your ideal photographer and pick the most beautiful venue, all goes as far as designing your look is concerned.

5. Confirm the timing of the pre wedding shoot

The Pre Wedding Shoot

The wedding package should be sufficiently structured in a way so that you can have enough time for the pre wedding shoot. However, the pre wedding shoot should not take place in a hurry. Pictures always come out to be amazing when you give it your best. Moreover, the time of the shoot should always meet the nature and circumstances. You may be prepared to get up early for the sunrise, or to see sunset late should you want to see your images taken in the golden hour.

The next crucial item will be the venue-whether local or abroad-after you have opted for the right photographer. Therefore, speak to the photographer and discuss the views for the shoot with them, and with their expertise, they can help you narrow down certain locations and recommend shooting times that optimize natural light at these sites.

6. Get your props ready beforehand

Create a selection of props to match the style of the pre wedding shoot before getting started with the shoot. Buy or reserve these items a few days early in order to prevent complications on the day of shot.

You certainly ought to purchase the adverts in advance if you are searching for a more trendy picture session. If you are a DIY- kind of person, get your props months in advance or make sure that other brides sell their props. You can even send them a few months of heads based on the nature of their shoot whether you are a skilled wedding photo-shoot stylist.

7. Plan your pre wedding shoot poses

Create those out-of-box photos for your BAE instead of what your photographer asking you to give those quirky or awkward sets. If you are a camera-friendly guy, it is good to practice these shots much before time with your partner and feel a little relaxed on the shooting day. However, it’s a smart idea to plan for looks that are less awkward or unpleasant with you and your partner. Moreover, this is incredibly beneficial especially when you are a camera-shy type of person.


Okay, if your wedding day is just few days to go it is very essential to plan the pre wedding shoot at the earliest. Rather than the excitement one goes through amidst the hypes of marriage cannot comprehend more than the bride and the groom! However, we know that this is a nice feeling, but because of that, you can overlook some of the key items required for a beautiful pre-wedding photo-shoot session.    

Even after preparing a ton for the pre-marriage shot, certain things are missed which may spoil this shoot. Therefore, you need to make a pre-wedding shoot checklist if you don’t want to be one of them.

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